Why Scramble Golf Can Be A Good Activity During Team Building

Employer engagement plays an important role in business success. Employees must be thriving to face new challenges. They must be active in sharing solutions with one another and willing to share workload during peak times. One the options to nurture employer engagement in the workplace are through team building activities. Team building is great motivator for employees because they get the chance to leave the workplace for a day and have fun with all expenses paid by the employer.

Employers must never regret providing their employees some good time because team building activities serve a good purpose. The different activities available in the event will help employees to work as a cohesive unit. A lot of companies outsource the company event to events providers who know the ins and outs of interpersonal relationships within the workplace. However, event providers must work closely with human resources who know the workforce better. Human resources will also help the employees relax in dealing with strangers during the event.

On the other hand, the problem with team building is the predictability of activities. Employees are already too familiar with rope walking exercises that sometimes the announcement is met with unfavourable comments. Most of the standard team building activities that seems too contrived need to be changed to generate employee interest and excitement.

One activity for team building that a company can consider is Scramble Golf with rules that are very simple. Teams composed of four players are set up with every member allowed to take a shot. The teams decide as a group on whose shot was closest. The golf game continues until they are near the hole. The winner will be someone who eventually putts. The activity can be played by both amateurs and seasoned players so that all employees will feel that they have made a certain contribution to the team’s efforts.

The usual objective of most of the games in team building is team bonding with fun. However, since not all golf clubs will be amenable to amateurs playing on the course, it is important to search for a company who provides such activity in team building.