Why Do People Destroy And Vandalize Trees?

According to Parks and Reserve manager Derek Thompson, a large number of trees are being destroyed or removed on a regular basis at the Thames-Coromandel District. The most recent incident saw two trees damaged at Moore Crescent Reserve at Opito Bay. One of the trees is very significant to the area because of the shade it provides. In fact, contractors are in the process of completing crown-lifting and pruning work on the tree.

Instead of blocking the view, a nice shape is created so that it can provide a frame for property view. There are stages of development that a tree has to go through to achieve a desired outcome. The tree was almost at this stage when someone decided to cut back the trees. Improper cutting will increase secondary growth and it will take years for the tree to grow to a stage where it can be developed.

If people want to remove trees that are blocking their view, it important to be knowledgeable of the necessary steps that have to be undertaken as well as options that are available. It is very disappointing to see trees that have gained prominence to be intentionally destroyed. A recent case of tree poisoning involved one of the Norfolk Pines on Buffalo Beach, Whitianga. It has been confirmed by a local tree expert that the tree has been poisoned and there is a threat of falling branches and pine cones.

Other areas where a whole course of trees has been killed include Pauanui and Tairua. Incidents of tree destruction have resulted into complaints and court action. Destruction of trees is vandalism. Trees provide people with some form of enjoyment. If there are issues about trees, it should be discussed with the local area office so that it can be professionally managed.

If a tree a dead or it has become a threat to life and property, removal can be option. For example, if you want to get palm trees removed from your property because of their nearness to a building or structure, your best option is to consult the experts for the best approach.