When Thailand Mourns A Beloved Monarch

Thailand was plunged in deep mourning due to the death of their well-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej; however, for the tourism industry the show must go on. Thailand and Hong Kong remains to be the favorite destination of tourists. In Thailand, businesses, tourist attractions and public transport remain open but management understands if some employees have to take leave because they are in mourning.

According to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thailand will hold a one year mourning period but for the sake of the economy, entertainment functions will only be toned down for a month. Because of the government’s desire to preserve the economy, resorts will be open for accommodation, dining and retail but they will not organize entertainment shows. Guests are assured that facilities will remain to function because business has to go on.

According to Allan Zeman , chairman of LanKwai Fong Group, the mourning period will not affect Thailand’s tourism industry because it remains to be a beautiful country with lots of beaches and historical sites. Even if there are no entertainment functions, there is still too much to do in Thailand. In fact, two of Zeman’s resorts in Phuket will remain open.

The Thais are confident of the country’s stability under the present government. Visitors must not be surprised if people went about their normal business activities with a heavy heart. The Thais are wearing black and shedding tears due to their king’s death. Large photographs of the king can be found in front of shops as an expression of the people’s sadness and as a sign of respect.

King Bhimibol Adulyadejhas ruled Thailand for 70 years. Thais love him because he travelled to all parts of the country to understand his people and help in their difficulties. He was the longest reigning monarch of the world; a king who will always occupy an esteemed position in Thailand’s heart and mind.

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