When Moving House Becomes A Nightmare

Rosemary Alfredo assumed that moving house is relatively easy because she is only heading one block away at a corner in Boston’s North End. She hired Father and Son Moving and Storage out of Billerica because they gave Alfredo a quote that was cheaper than other estimates. The quote was provided after Alfredo gave every detail of the items that have to be moved.

Moving day was in late June but the moving company did not show up. Alfredo had to take another day-off from work to get done with the move. A young and inexperienced crew arrived and it was apparent that they did not know what to do. According to Alfredo, every piece of furniture ended up with scratches, cracks and dents. However, this was not yet the worst of the ordeal.

When a half of the furniture was finally moved to the one-room apartment, one of the movers told Alfredo that they cannot unload the remaining stuff if they were not given an additional $3,600. This was clearly a case of extortion.

Kenn Pike of Lowell had a similar experience. Pike was living on disability benefits and he felt threatened when the movers doubled the quote. For Pike, the additional charges were financially devastating and he felt like he was being robbed at gunpoint.

Alfredo and Pike did not know that Father and Son Movers had a chequered past. In 2012, the moving company was required to pay $75,000 to disgruntled customers and more than $50,000 in state fines. In spite of the punishment, complaints did not stop and the Attorney General continued to receive calls from angry customers.

Customers are particularly vulnerable when the moving company is in possession of their belongings. It is very important to shop around and ask questions about additional charges. Always get a written estimate and do not rely on over the phone quotes because they are non-binding estimates.

Reliable and trustworthy furniture removal in Sydney strives to make moving a happy experience for its customers. An accurate estimate will be provided immediately and all details discussed properly to help you reach an informed decision.