Wedding Symposium Hosted By TAT For Indian Consumers

A 2018 event called Indian Wedding Symposium and B2B session was recently hosted by Mumbai, Tourism Authority of Thailand and New Delhi. It is the sixth year that the event was organized and is targeted for the Indian consumers. During the event, eight of the best wedding planners coming from the southern and western part of India came together while another ten came from the northern and eastern part. The event is a boost for Thailand’s wedding venue in Rayong because of the marketing done to the Indian market.

It started on the 23rd of April and ended on the 27th. The itinerary of the event included a scenic tour of the places in Thailand including Phuket, Bangkok, Khao Lak as well as Krabi. While on the trip, the group was able to experience different hotels where they are located. This gave them the chance to see first-hand the possible wedding venues that could be chosen for a huge Indian wedding event.

In a survey that was conducted, Thailand is one of the top countries that are on the list of couples planning to get married. Other top countries include the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. The event was given priority by the Tourism Authority of Thailand because it has been deemed essential to market the wedding industry to the Indian customers in order to get more couples to have their weddings in the country.

The end of the trip was the capital city, Bangkok, and the event called Wedding Planners’ Symposium and B2B session was hosted at the Centara Grand AT Central World. During the event, a panel discussion was organized which includes TAT, wedding planners as well as the hotels’ management.The discussion aims to make the relationship between these businesses stronger and to attract a higher number of Indian weddings in the nation.

After the panel discussion, a B2B discussion was also conducted and the participants are wedding planners and wedding suppliers as they network and plan ahead for future projects. They are expecting positive result with the wedding venue in Rayong as the number of Indian couples to wed will increase through the event’s marketing efforts.