Virtual Reality As An Innovative System Used In China’s Rehabilitation Centers

Various types of treatments are being provided by rehabilitation facilities to help patients overcome their dependency on drugs and alcohol. The treatment provided at best rehab in California stands out from the rest because they combine a holistic approach and a sunny environment where the patient can recover in total peace and seclusion. There are no embarrassing group sessions but 60 hours of one-on-one therapy sessions every month.

In China, a new system has been developed in two of Shanghai’s 5 rehabilitation centers. The Shanghai Drug Rehabilitation Administration said that staff members have to understand the patient’s levels of addiction so that they can help them recover. One of the key problems why abandoning drug habits are difficult is the failure of the staff and the addicts to determine the seriousness of the problem.

An AI system was developed by Shanghai Mental Center in cooperation with the administration of East China Normal University’s School of Psychology and Cognitive Science and Shanghai Qingtech, a company that specializes in the technological tracking of eye control.

Users will wear a virtual reality (VR) helmet that includes an eye movement tracking system. They will “walk into” scenes that contain drugs and drug paraphernalia. The eye movement including biological indicators like heart beat and skin conductivity will be recorded to gain an objective insight into the level of addiction.

AI system is very important because the addicts can be provided with a more effective desensitization treatment that can prevent them from using drugs again. In the rehabilitation renters, the patients are given the desensitization treatment with various pictures of narcotics that can stimulate their appetite for drugs. After the patients leave the facility, they will be exposed to the temptation of drugs and there is a possibility to be submerged again in the drug habit. Videos that show that drugs are devastating will suppress the patient’s desire to try drugs again.

Not all rehabilitation facilities can offer innovative forms of treatment for their patient but best rehab in California makes the effort to provide the latest in holistic treatments to help patients recover quickly. The holistic approach is now becoming the trend because it heals not only the body but the mind.