Toddler Beds: What You Need To Know Before Moving Your Kid

Is your child finally ready to give up the crib and move into a brand new toddler bed? Have you finally found a new bed for your child? The problem is, when moving kids into a new bed, you really have no way of knowing what to expect.

This could either be a success story but most of the time, the transition from a cribs to kids beds can pose a number of challenges. Here is what you need to know before moving your kid into a new bed:

  1. Before you move your kid from a crib into a new toddler bed, make sure that your child has a regular sleeping routine. It is always important that a child learns how to put himself to sleep. Remember, when a child has a regular bedtime routine, it is important that you make sure that he or she follows this routine even in a new bed.
  2. If you think your child isn’t ready yet, you can start by introducing him to the topic of moving beds. You can cite a few cousins or friends for example, telling him how his cousin moved into a new bed. The thought may excite him and want him to move into a new bed for himself.
  3. If the reason for moving your kid is that you are expecting another child, it is important that your child moves 2 months before his or her sibling arrives so that the older child is already used to the bed upon arrival of the younger baby.
  4. If possible, place your child’s new bed in the exact same place as his crib was.
  5. Also, it would be in your best interest if you would allow your child to pick the bed.
  6. To make your child more comfortable in the new bed, you can try placing familiar items from his crib such as toys, blankets or pillows.
  7. On the night of the move, you should try initiating bedtime an hour earlier than his usual sleeping routine. Also, try to stay with your child until he or she has fallen asleep. Remember, your presence is a comfort to your child. It would help your kid sleep better.