Tips on How to Capture the Best Selfie

With Androids, iPhones, iPads and selfie sticks, taking pictures has become second nature in this generation. However, taking a selfie is not just a hobby because it has evolved as a form of art. If you are taking a selfie, make it perfect before you post it on social media. According to Beyonce, it is high time to proudly promote a positive image.

Maintaining a strong selfie is just like anything else, you have to invest a lot of hard work and creativity. If you have not invested on a selfie stick, start looking for one now because it can help with lighting and angles. When you are a true selfie star, you know that it takes a bit more in order to get a photo ready for your social network.

  1. Do not just accessorize yourself; accessorize your selfie. There are different accessories that can be added to the outfit like satin ribbons or flowers and these same accessories can also be used on the selfie frame. Every selfie should have its own personality and should capture a distinct look. You can snap a photograph together with favorite dog or with flowers or an ice cream cone; however, you can keep things simple and yet look like a million bucks.
  2. Your hair just happens to be one your best assets. Why not try accessorizing your hair so that it will look good on your selfie? Try braiding your hair with satin ribbons or you can use the ribbon as a headband. You can also arrange your hair in a high ponytail or topknot to show off your cheekbones. Guys can also experiment with a new hairdo or better yet, try new hair products. The locks will always be in the front and center of your selfie and it makes sense to change it from time to time for a new you.
  3. Your smile is your best accessory. It looks a lot better than Paper Mart satin ribbon. Put your best face forward with your most gregarious smile.

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