The Three Things That Wedding Planners Wants To Let Couples Know

An advantage to choosing a wedding planner is getting an insight on how things need to be done, in a way that is going to make the planning process seamless. There are several insider secrets that every wedding planner knows that is definitely beneficial to DIY brides and grooms.

Even though each wedding has different challenges, and each wedding planner has different advices, the three things listed by Sandy Malone in are suggestions, which can possibly result to a better planning experience.

Choosing a wedding party well

According to Malone, for couples that have friends who they like to be included in the wedding party but have demonstrated less-than-sound shrewdness at previous important events, it might be important to not consider asking them as bridesmaids or grooms-men, or else a couple is going to be worried about what will happen starting from the time these friends were asked up to when a wedding is already over. She suggested to give them other honorary roles instead, so that they are not in front of the guests and photographers during the whole event.

Reading vendor contracts meticulously and ensuring that they will not permit last minute substitutions without one’s knowledge

According to Malone, for those that want a particular DJ playing in the wedding, it is important to ensure that this person’s name is in the contract, as well as the music company. Another example is to also advise the florist when there are necessary flower substitutions, since when it occurs and fixes need to be done, there are going to be no surprises when walking down the aisle, according to her.

Wedding vendors are more connected than one knows

According to Malone, the wedding vendors, or even a Sydney Wedding Planner, pretty much know one another or collaborate frequently, and they also have business relationships that surpass more than a couple’s wedding day. For Malone, one should not confide in a vendor about a different vendor, since there isn’t a wedding confidentiality clause. Likewise, she mentioned to not bash a vendor to a different vendor, regardless of how much a vendor is disliked or how unpleasant a vendor is.