The Latest Luxury Hotel For Your Feline Friends Found In Fort Lauderdale

Cat owners might have the same problem every time they go on vacation, their cats should have a place to stay wherein they will experience vacationing too. This is the reason why the founders of MeowLux decided to open a luxury hotel facility for cats only. It is one of the very few that can be found in South Florida. The facility is open to all types of feline friends that need a holiday while their humans are away. The facility is equipped with spacious suites where the cat can rest complete with sofa beds and a flat screen TV where they can do mouse watching all day long. There is also a huge indoor playroom where the cat can exercise.

The cat hotel opened last month and the owners have already felt their business to be booming in a way. The owners are couple Joey and Ana Lampert. They shared that they now have a waiting list for reservations on the holiday and bookings are already complete until early next year. The facility has ten rooms that are ready for an overnight with high end amenities suitable for a classy feline guest.

According to Joey, they used to travel out of town as a couple and they have visited a lot of boarding options before leaving in order to make sure their cat will be tended to but the options are very limited. They felt that none of the accommodations are fit for their cat. The reason why they started the business is because they know the frustrations of many other cat owners. MeowLux was designed to make sure the cats get the utmost treatment and a secure place to rest.

The cat hotel can be found downtown Lauderdale and it can accommodate a maximum of 20 cats for a single time. The rate is around $60 for one night and they will be give 24/7 care. Others might think the rate is too high but it is not the only luxury cat hotel in the world. There is now a growing industry for luxury accommodations catered towards people who are willing to pay as much for their feline friends in order to make sure they get fancy treatments.

If you are planning to travel to Fort Lauderdale Florida, make sure your cat and other pets are taken care of while you are gone.