The Future Of Ormesby Hall

The National Trust is planning to build a marquee permanently in the hall grounds. History tells that the mansion which is listed as Grade-I was constructed in 1600.

For the past hundreds of years, Ormesby Hall has been considered a very important part of the history especially for those who are living near the outskirts of Middlesbrough.

Future brides and grooms will not have the chance to experience a wedding inside the Georgian mansion since it has been proposed that the building will be remodelled to hold weddings.

The owner of the mansion, National Trust, is planning to bring the mansion back to life with a new purpose. It used to be called home by the Pennyman family which was passed down to generations after generations for two centuries. The new owner proposes that a permanent marquee is constructed on the mansion’s site.

This proposal was decided upon the issue of commercial opportunities wherein the mansion is receiving fewer number of visitors compared to other properties that are under National Trust.

Weddings are not a foreign event to the Ormesby Hall because it has been a wedding venue for several occasions in the past few years but the couples are only using temporary marquee for the event. It was only recently that there is a spike for demand with couples wanting to wed in the exclusive location.

In the next chapter for the history of Ormesby Hall, it is their goal to make the hall one of the most widely known even venues all over Teesside.

The permanent marquee will measure 12 meters by 30 meters and will be placed in the former location of the tennis lawn which is adjacent to the terraced garden of the hall.

Weddings will only be available for booking on weekends because this is the time when the venue is not open for tourists. The marquee will not be used exclusively for weddings but other commercial events as well as those hosted by the National Trust.

According to a spokeswoman from National Trust, because of the history of the house, it has presented to be an ideal setting and backdrop for any wedding. Marquee hire in Sydney is common but this news with the hall will be a game changer for couples near the area because they don’t have to rent tents for the event.