Stranger Things Celebrates Return With Inspiring Wall Art Hours Before Premiere

Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi television show that garnered unprecedented amounts of attention last year, when it released on Netflix. The show revolves around supernatural happenings in a story narrated by 3 boys and a girl, where the girl has powers to access the supernatural side. The second season is set to start on October 27th and fans have been gearing for it for the past year. The result, some amazing wall art.

The Popular Science Shop is now selling an amazing wall art poster on their website for just $13.95. By buying this poster, fans may also get opportunities to win a free Netflix subscription for the next three to five years. This comes as a boon for many as the prices of Netflix subscriptions are also on the rise. This poster, curated and produced by Lynx Art Collection has every reason to have their fans’ socks in a twist. It shows the show’s protagonist, a science experiment called Eleven, who is able to access the demonic universe. She is bleeding from the nose which is an indication that she has just used her supernatural powers. At the bottom of the poster there is also one of the demons that appeared towards the end of the first season’s last episodes. This perfect mix of dark hues and the color of blood is sure to have fans excited, and is an excellent way to rekindle interest in the show before the start of the new season.

This piece of wall art is printed on 100lb photo paper with a polar white color which makes it that much more beauty. Printing this important piece of art on simple 100 GSM paper will just not cut it and will definitely leave fans disappointed. That is why Lynx Art Collection chose this particular type of paper to print this picture on. This poster can be bought as a gift for a known fan of Stranger Things, or can even be bought for yourself. It is currently on a massive 40% discount for the smallest size. However the larger sizes of this poster are not on discount.