Some Useful Facts about Paper Recycling

CA – October 23, 2015 – Paper has existed for thousands and thousands of years now and in all of the years that it has existed, paper has proven to be one of the most useful items ever invented. Unfortunately, though, the production of such a useful material also has its effect on the environment. Luckily, paper can be recycled and reused. In fact, you probably might not have known but ever since its invention, paper has always been recycled as it had always been made from discarded materials.

Here are some interesting facts about paper recycling:

  • Everyone knows how recycling is done and why it is done. When you recycle, know that you are also helping in conserving the environment and the earth’s natural resources. You will ultimately be help saving energy while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Not only that, you will also help landfills since almost 28% of the landfill is filled with paper.
  • If one ton of paper is recycled, you will be saving about 17 trees.
  • The first real paper born into this world was created in 105 AD by a Chinese official called Ts’ai Lun. The materials he used are a combination of rags, fishing nets, hemp and grass, stirring them all together. But before his invention of the paper, people already had been writing on papyrus which was originally used by the Egyptians, Greeks and even the Romans during the ancient times.
  • The first paper ever made had a very rough texture but when it had spread throughout all Europe and Asia, the process of making paper had ultimately developed to produce finer paper.
  • The art of making paper first arrived in the US way back in the late 1600s. The recycling of paper, however, first began two hundred years later through an English papermaker, Matthias Koops.
  • According to the American Forest & Paper Association, about 63.5% of the paper used in the US back in 2010 was recovered.
  • Paper can be recycled for about 5-7 times and each time it is recycled, the fiber becomes shorter and shorter until it is no longer qualified for recycling.

Almost everyone acknowledges the importance of paper recycling, even large paper companies such as Paper Mart.