Some Problematic Refrigerators Are Still Worth Keeping

If your refrigerator stops working, will you still have it fixed or will you buy a replacement? It can be very frustrating when the refrigerator stops cooling or is mysteriously leaking water. Buying a new refrigerator can be quite expensive; however, it is important to weigh the cost of repairs versus the cost of investment on a new refrigerator. It is also important to call a competent appliance repairman who will diagnose the problem and decide whether the refrigerator is still worth keeping.

Common problems encountered with a refrigerator

  1. The motor is running but the refrigerator doesn’t get cold – When the motor is running, you will hear it humming but make sure that the compressor is also working. The condenser coils need to be checked and cleaned particularly if there is excessive dirt which keeps them from doing their job. When you check the evaporator coil, look at the frost pattern. If only the upper half or a third of the coil has frost, is may be a problem with the sealed system meaning there is restriction or there isn’t enough Freon.
  2. Cool air is coming out of the refrigerator even when closed with moisture droplets on the door – this problem can be one of three things: the door seal is torn or stretched out, the door is warped so it does not lock properly or the door cam is worn out. It does not cost much to have problem the fixed.
  3. Water has pooled in or under the refrigerator – these are signs that the evaporator defrost drain is unplugged when you see water under the crisper drawers or if there is an ice buildup at the bottom of the freezer in side-by-side unit. There are instances when food clogs the drain and water from the evaporator coils accumulate during the defrost cycle. This will continue until the drain has been fully cleaned.

There are problems that can be easily fixed through appliance repair Louisville, KY. Some parts of the refrigerator which are causing the problem can be replaced for a few dollars. Appliance repair is just a call away to determine the seriousness of your refrigerator issue.