Painters’ Union Helped Finish Renovation Of E-Inc Museum

The e-Inc organization is based in Navy yard and it has recently decided to transform their space into a museum. The effort has been going on for several months already but one thing for sure is that the new walls of the museum needs to have new paint to complete the effort.

This is where the Painters Allied Trade Union in District Council Number 35 comes in the picture. Chris Brenna who is a resident of Charlestown decided to offer the services of the Union in order to aid in the effort of finishing the museum and making it completion possible.

Brennan is the Union’s business representative as well as a person that is well rooted to the very town itself. According to him, one of the members of the e-Inc board, Jimmy Lister, tried to contact him in order to get help with their latest endeavor.

Brennan shared that they are very much willing to help Partners Health Care, the owner of the building, as well as the community in Charlestown. He added that he is brought up in Charlestown too. He received a call from Jimmy Lister asking for their help in painting the walls in order for the museum to be ready for e-Inc’s exhibition. Partners Health Care is in a partnership with Building Trades based in Boston in which Brennan is a part of. Since a friend needs help, they are willing to do whatever they can in their power.

They are now busy painting the museum for the last week. The drywall finisher is Chris Grainger while the painter is Deirdre Washington. They will be in charge of finishing as well painting the huge space.

As of today, the location has been serving as headquarters for the after school programs initiated by e-Inc. The school programs are done all over the city and the region. There are also summer camp programs by the organization. Dr. Ricky Stern shared that it has always been the goal of the organization to renovate the space and create a museum that will help in the education of environmental science.

These painters are not just in for the money but with good hearts to help their community as well.