Overcoming The Challenges Of Standup Paddle Boarding

If you will watch videos of standup paddle boarding, it looks quite simple and uncomplicated. Many people actually assume that they only need to buy an inflatable paddle board, fill it with H2O, stand up and paddle in the waters. However, if you will watch Kai Lenny’s new video on the coast of Maui, you will be awed at how much he pushes the boundaries of the water sport with a paddle board that appears to defy the laws of physics.

Kai Lenny is a professional standup paddle boarder from Maui. He is a six-time SUP world champion who also participates in other water sports like big-wave surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing. In fact, his name Kai was derived from a Hawaiian definition of water.

In Kai Lenny’s most recent video, you will be able to view the highlights of standup paddle boarding. Kai used a different paddle board where more speed equals to more lift. His foil board includes a set of strategically placed angled wings that are attached to the bottom of the board so that it can glide through the water while lifting the board up into the air.

Hydro foils are common on boats, kayaks and surfboards but there has been no explanation of its fluid dynamics aside from the fact that it usually relies on sails, tow-in methods and waves for propulsion. However, Lenny manages to increase his speed by using his incredible strength and skill with the paddle. He has strong knowledge of the sea and can read different wave patterns. He knows when and how to paddle vigorously while keeping his vertical balance on the paddle board.

Lenny on his foil board is a sight to behold particularly if you will give notice to his superhuman balance and paddling skills that helps him achieve greater speed with less friction. But while Lenny makes it look easy to stand up on the paddle board, mere mortals will not achieve this balance anytime soon. Best SUP boards are lightweight and made in different shapes and technologies for every body weight, height and ability.