Motorcycle Business In Mitchell Continues To Grow

Klock and the staff of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, a brand recognized all over the globe and with sales continues to increase, people would think that the company will not work in other parts of the country.

According to Klock, there are various people that have already suggested for him to move to Texas, California and many other places. There are also those asking him for a merger to do some projects. He admitted that his answer was always the same and that is he is going to reach for his dream right from where he is right now.

Klock is a native of Emery and he founded the business back in 1997 together with his partner John Patton. Their first employee was Dan Cheeseman and he was a witness to how the business has grown. In a recent report, the company is expanding into their adopted home Mitchell and they are planning to build additional warehouses amounting to $600,000. This is in an effort to increase its distribution of their motorcycle parts.

The company is now almost to its 20 years of operation and Klock revealed that Mitchell is the best match for their growing business. It was developed at the time Internet was at its booming stage and because of this, Klock Werks was able to promote all his motorcycle designs as well as the quality service that his business can offer. The company has recently moved on into distributing bulk number of products and Klock admitted that technology is the key for them to make another success in Mitchell.

Klock also added that with the help of technology, he is able to do whatever he needs from wherever he is.

It was only last month that Klock showed how many stacks of products are waiting to be shipped all over the globe from their motorcycle parts store. The company has the ability to airmail their products such as windshields and fenders to different parts of the world so they see no point into moving in another city such as Los Angeles and New York.