Migrants Detour to Croatia Which Is Deemed a More Welcoming Nation

Near the Hungarian-Serbian border, hungry and exhausted migrants are begging for sympathy from Hungarian authorities to let them pass.

The migrants are shouting, “Open the door!” Many of these migrants have traveled several thousands of miles carrying their families and what little belongings they have. A young man from Iraq in a football jersey waited patiently and hopelessly next to the fence without any intentions of moving. He said that if he had to, he will wait for six years. He further said that he have nothing to lose.

On the other side of the razor-wire fence, several Hungarian soldiers stood their ground and were ready to arrest and put to jail anyone who dared climbed the fence. Syrian refugees were growing impatient and hopeless as the hours and days passed. They just cannot understand why the Hungarian government will not allow them to pass through. The refugees are saying that they only want to pass through Hungary in order to reach Austria, Denmark and Germany. They said that they had no intentions staying in Hungarian soil if they were not welcomed there.

Croatia: A new destination

A lot of migrants have already given up hope in crossing from Serbia to Hungary and finally to other welcoming European nations. At least 100 refugees have already ventured from the Middle East to Croatia. This report was shared to media by the Interior Ministry spokesperson of Croatia, Jelena Bikic.

Refugees are saying that Croatia is much welcoming compared to Hungary. The prime minister of Croatia said in a tweet that the country is ready to accept refugees and that it will not matter what their nationality or religion is or where their final destination is. The prime minister further said that the refugees can stay and work in their country. He further said that the refugees are welcome to pass through Croatia. The prime minister also had harsh words for the government of Hungary saying that raising the walls of Budapest is dangerous and at the same time cruel. Putting up wires in this century is not the answer to the refugee crisis but instead a further threat.