Metasearch To Allow Hoteliers To Compete For Bookings

A hotel website usually includes a wide array of information but very often, a potential visitor will not make the effort to read and find out the features offered. For most travellers, what is more crucial the location because they do not want to waste time in travelling from the hotel to the destination. If you are visiting Bangkok, a good option would be a hotel in the heart of the city.

According to Daniel Holl, Head of Global Hotel Sales of Trivago, in the hospitality industry, it is important to be agile in determining the ever-changing preferences of consumers. What most consumers like is to have a diverse choice with full market transparency and they want to see all options in one place. Trivago does not use intuition and prefers to act based on data so that they will have an immediate and strong impact.

In terms of advertising, Trivagospends more than any other online brand on TV promotions, more than what Trip Advisor spends because they want to explain to consumers why metasearch is very important. Trivago provides hoteliers the ability to compete for bookings. For consumers, Trivago allows them to choose from more hotels at better prices.

A traveller’s booking journey starts with search but Trivago does not want travellers to make the mistake of “booking on trivago.” This should not be integrated into the search experience of the traveller because it will only create confusion among users. The goal of Trivago is to improve booking conversions for their advertisers so that they can be competitive in the open hotel marketplace.

Small and medium sized hotel are at a disadvantage when compared to the bigger hotel chains because they do not have the resources and data to build a booking platform that is optimized for all devices. Trivago levels the playing field by helping advertisers to turn more “lookers into bookers.”

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