Market Trends For Online Tutoring Services

Today, the tutorial business has become an intercontinental business with the advent of new technologies. With the sophistication of the world, different businesses including tutorial businesses has also evolved. The online tutoring services industry has never been this blooming. This particular industry provides tutorial services to people across different geographic location through the internet. The industry operators provide the services across a number of academic subjects and across different age groups.

Industry trends and analysis

As the online tutoring services industry provides services via the internet, it has a wider grasp of the market. In the last five years, the online tutoring services industry has recorded a very strong growth because of the rising penetration of the internet across households. The technology sophistication has also changed the preferences of clients and there is now a stronger demand for online services. In addition, this particular industry has also greatly benefited during and immediately after the recession as there was widespread unemployment in the US economy and encouraged a large number of the US population to return to the educational units in order to develop skills while there was a report of a weakened labor market. In the next five years, the online tutoring services industry is expected to surge high and continue to record strong figures.

Industry report

The distribution of the market in the online tutoring services is consistent with the population in the US. The digital nature of this particular industry allows establishments to be virtually formed anywhere and thereby local distribution of the establishment usually falls closely in line with the different population densities across the US. One particular business involved in this industry and has rapidly been expanding through the years is Bee Academic Tutoring. It is to be noted though that there tends to be a higher concentration of companies offering online tutoring services in places which have greater number of universities and schools like New York and California. California reportedly holds 16 percent of the total industry establishments. On the other hand, New York holds about 9.7 percent of the industry establishments and only about 6.2 percent of the general US population.