Is It Right To Use Baits To Lure Sharks To Come Closer?

An underwater photographer experienced a horrifying close encounter with his subject when the great white shark broke into his cage. Shocking incidents have been reported from the Gulf of Mexico over the past years. The waters are certainly filled with sharks which makes diving in the Gulf of Mexico an adventure for the fearless.

According to underwater photographer, Brian Skerry, the bait might have lured the great white shark to come closer to the diving cage. Usually, boat crews throw a rope with tuna tied to it to encourage the shark to swim closer. As the shark gets closer to the bait, it opens its mouth, closes its eyes and ends up running into the cage.

Divers in the cage are in no danger of being bitten but they can be smashed to death by the 2,000-pound shark if it remains in the cage. According to videographer, Brian Ernst, he together with the crew was terrified that the diver might be slammed by the great shark when it was trying to get away.  Divers must be knowledgeable on how to leave the cage safely without letting the weights tied to the waist to pull them to the ocean floor.

Shark cage incidents are becoming common because they are easily enticed by the scent of tuna. On the other hand, the incidents have not diminished the enthusiasm of divers to experience shark cage diving. The fact is, sharks are actually awesome and won’t try to break into a cage. It is the bait that lures them to try and enter a diving cage.

Shark cage diving allows divers to experience a great white shark firsthand. It also raises awareness of the shark’s dwindling numbers that require some efforts to help in their preservation. Incidents in shark cage diving means that sharks have to be given the respect they deserve.

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