Increasing Demand For Aluminum Products In Emerging Markets

From 2014 to 2015, the demand for aluminum products increased by more than 1.5% compared to the same period in previous years. The increase in demand for aluminum is not surprising considering that the metal is lightweight and corrosion-resistant with high thermal conductivity. The transport sector as well as foil and packaging firms are driving the demand. In Africa the demand for aluminum is boosted by the food packaging industry that needs lightweight aluminum cans for beverages.

Markets for aluminum products are emerging because of gradual improvements in economy that has resulted into better living conditions for people and communities. According to research results, when a nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) increases, demand for aluminum also grows. As GDP grows so does industrial developments.

Most consumers have also shifted from buying products stored in heavy bulky bottles to products that have been conveniently packed in lightweight and easy to handle aluminum packaging. When product packaging is lightweight, shipping and warehouse costs tend to become lower.

The market for aluminum products is expected to grow by 7% annually in emerging markets. The demand for the product is also driven by aluminum’s recyclability without losing any of its qualities. Many major aluminum manufacturers use recycled aluminum and have exceed their production targets.

When manufacturing aluminum packaging products, it is important to adhere to good manufacturing practices and principles of quality management system to ensure that contamination is prevented. Aluminum parts manufacturers must also maintain regular quality monitoring at all stages of production and to ensure that there are proper methods of storage, packaging, warehouse procedures and transport.

The range of aluminum products that are being produced increases every day. There are industries that require aluminum sheets and plates including foils while some prefer the aluminum extruded profiles for the manufacture of quality doors and window frames.

Purchase of aluminum products can be done directly with aluminum product manufacturing. Aluminum is now widely being used for the manufacture of different consumer products like cooking utensils, lighting and furniture. These are only a few examples of aluminum products because the metal is also widely used for industrial applications that require the properties that make it highly in demand.