Importance Of Performance Assessments When Replacing Roofs

Every year, the roofs of government buildings take a beating from severe weather. In order to find out what government facility managers must do when they are preparing for roof replacement, GPN reached out to Frank Percaciante of Design Build Solutions, Inc. Below is an excerpt on how Frank Percaciante views the national cooperative contract.

GPN: What is the best advice for governments with roof replacement projects?

FP: Government agencies have to gather as much information as possible before making a decision. There are actually a lot of resources available for public agencies and most are free of charge. The information gathered from different resources must be evaluated because the cheapest option is not always the best and neither is the most expensive option. The goal is to determine the option that provides the best value.

GPN: What resources should government agencies consult?

FP:  There are full-service manufacturers that are willing to provide information upfront after performance assessments before they provide recommendations on how to proceed with project budgets and estimated performance lives. Large roofing contractors are also willing to share some of their in-house capabilities free of charge. Governments can also consult with architects and consultants on how to best proceed with the project.

GPN: What benefits can governments gain when they work with US Communities-Garland/DBS, Inc national cooperative contract?

The two biggest benefits include time and cost savings. US communities can opt to buy the roofing materials directly from Design Build Solutions or they can contract Garland/DBS to complete the whole project. Most public agencies in the US prefer the second delivery option because it drastically reduces administrative burden. It is also more advantageous in terms of time savings and additional oversight. Customers stand to gain from competitive pricing for the roofing trade labor.

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