How To Use School Classroom Furniture In An Old Space?

A school is expected to last for centuries; and certainly around this time happens many changes including the curriculum and programs. So how do school administrators manage changes, especially without making physical alterations to the building itself?

An interior design coordinator of Fanning Howey, Carla Remenschneider says that it’s possible to manipulate physical space in a flexible and more economical way. For instance, if there is a change in the curriculum or program, and you need more space, you can make use of the corridor or a common space to fill up that additional requirement. This will also need you to find a school classroom furniture, that is useful for the area.

You consider two perspectives when you adapt a school classroom furniture and space at the same time. First, you will need to buy a furniture that fits the space configuration. The second is that the furniture can meet the changes in curriculum or programs.

For instance, the Fremont School District 79’s Collaboration Commons in Mundelein, Ill., which is made up of three classroom spaces. “All things can move freely in the adapted space, which is a space common in many high schools, and is now visible in few applications for middle schools,” says Remenschneider. The school classroom furniture such as tables can occupy six students. The molded chairs can help see the walls, which are being utilized as teaching tools, that are furnished with a projection screen, white board and marker boards. Students can utilize their laptops or tablets and have digital wall display on their screens. The instructor has a platform with a laptop to easily move around the space.

Another instance is those from Zionsville High School’s Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center in Indiana. Here, the principal emphasizes that seniors need to work freely or one on one with their instructors. According to Remenschneider, “a storage area around 10000 square foot situated behind the administrative area was repurposed to suit this requirement.” The school classroom furniture was used to fill in the space and teachers’ work stations, providing comfort and relaxation among students and teachers.