How to Do a Daily and Weekly Quick Assessment on Commercial Cleanliness

Commercial cleaners are entrusted the vital task of keeping the workplace thoroughly cleaned for a healthy and comfortable working environment. Most Melbourne commercial cleaning companies are reputable and a master in their fields, just one glimpse at the outcome and you will immediately satisfied. But commercial cleaning is not only keeping things in order or the place smelling good, the service you are paying for are elaborate and specific, so you need to take the time to evaluate if all services agreed upon in the contract were delivered. Also, make sure that proper protocols were followed in the procedure.

Prepping the workplace

This industry pride themselves to be trained and professional, following a system methodically in service delivery. In an urban metropolis setting, Melbourne commercial cleaning services do not only take care of the property but also the welfare of the people working in their area of assignment. When doing extensive cleaning, the cleaners must put up a sign to avoid accidents, like the risk of fall or accidental contact with toxic chemicals. This is so that passers-by can take an alternate route, and save both parties from any inconvenience. Imagine just finishing mopping a corridor, and then somebody casually walks over the wet floor. It may be hazardous since the floor is wet plus you will have to redo the work.

Daily cleaning routines

Visually check the area for any types of debris or trash that are scattered. Check for any stains or spots on the walls, carpets, floors, or furniture. Check desktop surfaces for accumulated dust, or knobs and handles for any grease marks. Check if the garbage bins are emptied. Restrooms should also be spot clean with paper towels and tissue rolls refilled. These should be covered in the daily routine cleaning. Call the attention of your commercial cleaners to get these issues straightened out.

Weekly cleaning routines

Check for dust accumulated on filing cabinets, cubicle divisions, shelves, photocopier machine, and other common areas. Ask if desks, telephones and keyboards were already disinfected as well. Check the state of the door jams, heating vents, ledges and window sills if they need dusting. These should be taken cared of on a weekly basis.