How To Distinguish If A Moving Company Is A Scam

We are on the first week of May which is also known to be the National Moving Month. This is when the highest number of people is busy packing and unpacking in Sydney in order to move from one residence to another. There are many reasons why people move including students going to college, those who are done with college and moving back home and those who are changing their residence while the summer holiday is ongoing. It does not matter what their reasons are, May is known to be the preferred month to pack and move.

With the number of movers, it is not impossible to hear of moving scams. According to BBB, there are signs one can look out for to detect moving scams and to avoid being a victim. While there are many reliable moving companies in the market, it cannot be avoided that there are rogue ones in the market.

  • Scam movers are known to give an estimate but they charge extra as soon as they have the homeowner’s belongings. They ignore the estimate they have provided and homeowners end up paying more than they are prepared for. If one is to withdraw their services, they also have to pay a fee.
  • Scam movers are known to provide an estimate ahead of the moving date but makes unexpected changes during the actual moving to catch the homeowners off guard. You will be tempted to hire them because of the low estimate but you end up paying more than the average moving company charges.
  • Scams are known to charge without justifiable reasons. They will find a way to charge you way more than you should even if the reasoning may sound ridiculous at times.
  • You know you have hired a scam moving company if they promise to deliver your belongings on a certain time frame and fail to do so because of various reasons. A reliable company should be able to fulfill their promise and offer compensation when unfulfilled.
  • The worst scammers are those that load your belonging, receive their pay and close their shop as soon as possible. These are one of the reasons why packing and unpacking in Sydney are sometimes dealt with the homeowners themselves to avoid unnecessary headache.