Horrific Interior Design Goes Viral

A Zillow listing describes the property in 24 Brentwood Dr., Avon, Connecticut to be a house with unique finishing that was done by a professional. Real estate hunters would then be surprised when they view the 40 pictures that come with the listing.

To say that the house is over decorated is an understatement; it can even be described as grotesque. Almost all surfaces are splattered with paint that resembles blood. There are squiggles that look like intestines in the shade of pink and copper. Cheesecloth that are tattered seemed to add a ghostly effect to the spaces while there are a number of rudimentary faces that can be seen in some of the rooms of the house. Overall, visiting the property would feel like you have visited a haunted pancreas.

Just like anything that seems out of the norm these days, it goes viral in social media where many readers are fascinated and there are those that are terrified. Twitter was flooded with posts regarding the house with some users referring to it as a set for the season 8 of American Horror Story.

While many may brand the house as a lair of a murderer, a set for a horror movie or even Hellmouth, the truth is that it is considered a piece of art.

Just like any artwork, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many people will have different opinions. The name of the artwork is Brentwood, no. 24 and is designated as Fermata Arts Foundation’s headquarters. This is also their first project.

Nikolay Synkov, an artist, is the founder of Fermata Arts Foundation. It was created in 2008. According to Synkov, the mission of the foundation is to help preserving peace with the use of poetry, art, philosophy and architecture. The foundation has other branches located in the country of Georgia and Ukraine. It is in partnership with a number of organizations located in Eastern Europe and what used to be USSR. For the organization, interior decoration Thailand is an art just like in Thailand. The foundation have other upcoming projects such as a proposition to create a Center for the Arts to be built in Latvia and to receive art exchange students coming from Ukraine, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.