Great Ideas On Where To Hang Wall Art

The decors and framed photos that you hang on your wall reveals a lot about your personality. If you are going to hang the artwork on your office, it will also convey powerful message to your prospects. The type of paintings or decors that you put on display will also show how much you value your customers. Some people convert their favourite images into a wall art and have them printed in canvas. You can find a lot of digital printing shops but if you want your images to last longer, have the image printed in canvas instead of ordinary photo copy paper. If the canvas print was already shipped to your address, it’s time to look for the right spots on where you can hang them. Here are some ideas.

Reception area

Your reception area is where your customers would initially step into for transactions. It is also one of the areas where they will make their first impression on your business. If you intend to hang a wall art on your reception area, choose a design that suits your type of business. If you are in a real estate, insurance, construction and other service-related business, choose a wall art with classy or artsy design as it conveys professionalism.

Living room

Another excellent area to hang your wall art is the living or guest room in your home. Aside from images and personally taken photos, you might also want to hang word art of your favourite quote. You can also use movie-inspired designs such as those withStar Wars theme and other action flicks. They are ideal to hang on your children’s room or in the game room.  For more photo ideas, you can choose from any of the stock photos at the canvas printer’s website. Pick a canvas size and apply it on the image. The wall décor should not overwhelm your wall.

Kitchen area               

The kitchen area is also a suitable area to hang your wall artcanvas. Because canvas is resistant to heat and moisture, you can place it even on moisture prone areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.