Funding The Forest Rangers Of Thailand

The sad truth about countries such as Thailand is that people who deserve insurance do not actually get to have them. If you have met a forest ranger or know someone, you are testament that their job is not an easy one and they are not comfortable with the pay they get as well. Half of their working life is spent on trekking and surviving in the jungle or forests in order to care for the natural resources of a nation. Would you believe that these men don’t even have the proper Thailand insurance to cover them in case they get into accidents or catch some deadly illnesses?

One of the most recent and controversial issue is the hunting down of black Indochinese leopard where the forest rangers are tasked to catch the men doing this illegal works. This is not an easy feat as they are trying to take down powerful individuals. This is one of the reasons why they have gained the public’s sympathy which lead to an outpouring of support financially to help these brave men.

The fundraising was led by the Unifying Thai Spirit Foundation together with Thungyai Naresuam wildlife sanctuary’s unit in the west and a number of Thai celebrities. They organized a project to sell t-shirts with the words Phuen Poo Pitak Pa which means Friends of Wildlife Protector.

The proceeds of the sold t-shirts will be used to start a trust fund that will help pay for the insurance of the ranges, both health and life, medicine, supples, scholarships for their kids, equipment and food. The fund will help all rangers that are under the Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary in the west. Further expansions are planned to help ranges in all areas of the country.

The head of the rangers on the west side is Wichian Chinwong and he led the group when they made an arrest against Premchai Karnasuta, a known construction magnate. He was arrested because of wildlife poaching. The rangers are happy with Thailand insurance they are offered because they know they are secured as they guard a total land area of 1,331,062 rai.