Feel Like A Celebrity Through Online Personal Shopping Services

Years ago, people are willing to spend 2 hours at the mall to look for a pair of jeans. Shopping malls were places that people explore to discover what is new and trending particularly during the holiday season. This type of experience no longer exists as consumers got busier and busier with their jobs and family life. Malls have grown bigger but they have also lost the delight that comes from being part of retail.

Nowadays, people who are on the go prefer to shop online. Shoppers enjoy coming home to find a boxful of surprises from subscription-based personal shopping. Personal shopping used to be something that only the wealthy enjoyed but it has recently become accessible to the masses because of the internet. Customers fill out a questionnaire with their likes and dislikes, body shape and size and budget. From the data gathered by the retailers, a box of handpicked items is sent to the customer hoping to make a sale.

Because of the internet, retailers can now make use of whatever data gathered from potential customers and shape the information into meaningful recommendations. Personal shopping which is one of the classic retailing strategies has turned out to be an ultimate shopping experience for consumers. It is no longer exclusive to the high end, it became available to consumers who provide their size and taste to retailers.

Some department stores and boutiques have still retained the services of personal shoppers who choose several items and allow their customer to choose inside the dressing room. In the online version of personal shopper, the items are sent to the customer’s home. The items they like can be kept and paid for with the rest sent back to the store. The process is very convenient and efficient and customers are able to update their wardrobes while avoiding the crowd at the malls.

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