Essential Changes To Laws Regarding Domestic Violence

In recent news, the Michigan Legislature has already approved seven bills which is to change some points in the existing Domestic Violence Laws. The changing was done in an attempt to stop domestic violence as well as make the current laws stronger. It was Governor Snyder who signed the changes and took effect last May.

  • It limits the power of the court in intervening during the divorce proceeding in cases where there is a PPO or personal protection order that has been filed by the defendant against the abuser or if there is an existing case in court with regards to abuse done by one of the parties involved. Before this, it was not recommended for the court to order mediation but most of the times, many victims are forced to take on mediation where they have to be in one room and think about the case in order to reach an agreement together with their abuser who they have managed to escape from domestic violence. This new law will protect those who have been a victim of abuse from facing their abuser during the mediation process. The only exemption is that if the victim is the one who asked for mediation in court.
  • The pets of the victim can be given the PPO or Personal Proctection Order. Abusers are known to use the pets of the victims in order to control them into doing what they want. This new law will make sure that abusers will not have access to the victims as well as their pets.
  • HB4479 and HB4788. The penalties are higher for abusers who know at the time of the abuse that the victim is pregnant. For the third offence, the abuser will be charged with 5 year felony.
  • This is a law protecting the address of the victim. During an escape, victims of abuse want to make sure that their address is not accessible to the abuser. Instead of the usual process serving, there are other alternative services which will be used in order to protect the current location of the victim.

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