English Classes Does Not Mean Internationalization

English is now taught in more schools all over the globe especially those in higher education levels. This is why it has been misunderstood as a result of the globalization of higher lever education in schools since the language has been seen to be used in almost all research as well as academic materials and learning the English language has also been viewed as a means for institutions to be recognized in an international scale.

This is what happened in Taiwan where in the top colleges as well as universities of the country suffered from the lack of funds for the employees because of the institutions desire to hire foreigner professors and no importance given to the local talent. After lowering the birthrate of the country, its long term effect is now recognized.

In a recent announcement, the National Cheng-chi University which is located in Taipei said that at the start of the next semester, all instructors and professors that are newly hired must be able to teach English with two courses each. This was instantly questioned by angry local educators because they are already underpaid while their workload is too much.

The continued debate whether the English language should be used as the official language for all course instructions is still ongoing and is not a current issue but there has been no known localization in Asia. Meanwhile, in Europe, there is a program called ERASMUS which aims to facilitate exchange with the employment of English and eventually there are courses as well as degrees offered for English. Those who are in favor of this advocacy reason out that the learning the English language will make them more viable in promoting higher education as well as increasing the search for more international students.

Many of those in favor believed that their main oppositions are members of the conservative nationalists who aim to preserve the native language as well as culture of the nation without knowing that many of those opposed are also supportive of international exchange and giving the best education for students but without compromising the quality. For those who are planning to teach English as a foreign language, visit Entrust TEFL.