Commonwealth Games Baton From London To The Gold Coast

Last week the baton for 2018 Commonwealth Games began its journey from Buckingham Palace across all the nations and territories of the Commonwealth to Gold Coast, Australia, its final destination. During its journey, the baton carries with it a message from the Queen that has been inscribed on paper made from Australia’s spinifex glass. After 388 days and 230,000 kilometres the baton will reach the Gold Coast.

The baton features a strip of reflective stainless steel that evokes the iconic skyscrapers of the coast. It also includes flashing LED lights to symbolize the energy of people that call the region their home. The Gold Coast which is located 40 miles south of Brisbane in Queensland is composed of 35 miles of honey-coloured beaches that are perfect for surfing.

The Gold Coast stretches from Main Beach in the north to the laid back sands of Coolangatta in the South. There is no question about Gold Coast being a surfer’s paradise where stores sell bikini’s and branded board shorts for both the locals and tourists. Every morning, you watch the Pacific Ocean as it pounds the shore. Aside from surfing, there are other ways to enjoy the waters.

South Stradbroke or Straddie is the favourite haunt of surfers. It is also the home of the swamp wallaby, an animal that has lived in isolation for so long that it gained a unique ginger-coloured and white-tipped tail.

The Gold Coast however, is not just a coastline because beyond its shore can be found the “green behind the gold.” This is the region’s hinterland, an area that is surrounded by volcanoes. The Tambourine Mountain, a 1,500 feet high plateau was formed from volcanic eruptions 22 million years ago. The soil in the area is very rich and perfect for growing avocados, macadamia nuts and kiwis.

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