Chicago Executive Airport Holds Hearing For Soundproofing Project

The process for the approval of the soundproofing project by the Chicago Executive Airport has already started. The proposal aims to soundproof homes that are experiencing noise pollution due to jet noise. The money to be used for the project is a grant provided by the federal government. This will benefit homeowners because they will not be forced to spend money for best soundproof windows to muffle jet noise inside their homes.

Many people attended the hearing which was led by the airport consultants together with the officials from the Federal Aviation Administration. The audience was also allowed to write and leave comments. The public meeting lasted for more than two hours and was held at the Ramada Plaza Chicago North Store hotel located in Prospect Heights which is close to the facility.

Aside from the discussion, noise exposure maps were also displayed during the hearing. The maps show the houses that will be included in the soundproofing program which is federally funded. The public comments were only accepted until the 8th of December.

Tony Molinaro, the spokesman of FAA, the agency is expecting a report from the Chicago Executive which will contain details of the soundproofing project. As of the moment, there is no timeline to be followed and the agency is still deliberating the project which is sponsored by a federal grant.

He added that they have to determine the type of noise mitigation necessary not just for the current situation but the state in five years time. This way, they know which project needs the taxpayer’s money the most considering that schools and residential homes are also asking for funding.

Last month, the board members of the Chicago Executive made a vote against allotting $80,000 to be spent on a study that will test how effective the procedure of the 310 departure. This procedure is a trial program that will last for six months. During this time, the airplanes’ route will be diverted from the homes and instead it will pass over industrial district.

The soundproofing is still under deliberation and homeowners near the airport need not decided installing best soundproof windows until details have been finalized.