Caterpillar Introduces Automation Solutions To Mining Operators

Caterpillar is considered as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy machinery. Caterpillar warned mining firms not to rest on their laurels now that the mining industry is coming back after the severe downturn that resulted into the closure of mining companies’ operations to cut down on costs.

During a presentation at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Explorations meeting at the Peoria, Caterpillar showed how its new machine, Cat MineStar can increase productivity and profitability as well as assist firms in reaping more benefits from the current recovery in the price of commodities.

Cat MineStar is a comprehensive suite of mining technology products that will help miners in configuring technologies that they require. It will also provide them everything from material tracking to a sophisticated real-time fleet management, machine health system, autonomous equipment system and a lot more.

The package of solutions offered by Caterpillar that is already being adopted by 220 sites all over the world has been designed to provide support and help mining firms maximize returns and efficiency. Majority of the users of these automation tools are based in the Asia-Pacific region and North America but the company knows that there are opportunities present in other markets like Europe and South America.

In the past 12 months, the mining industry suffered from a severe slump but now that the industry is recovering, Caterpillar has introduced the solution for the improvement of current equipment performance. The goal of Caterpillar is to help mining operators gain the most benefits from their acquisitions.

CAT has heavily invested in the research and development of digital tools that will reduce the number of equipment used during the mining operations. It might be counterintuitive but during a downturn, the industry will manage to thrive and improve operational capabilities.

The hammer mill manufacturer provides miners with equipment that can efficiently shred and crush different materials into smaller pieces through the strong repeated blows of its hammers. Aside from the mining industry, hammer mills can also be applied to other industries that require size reduction of raw materials before it is processed into a product.