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Maps And Global Warming

Global warming and climate changes are big environmental issues in the current setup. This is because there are more and more occurrences of natural disasters that are happening around the world. In the past, there are just some little ways of knowing what might happen. Even maps that guide adventurers across the seas are simple. Now, with the growing world of technology, there are more ways of determining and forecasting what might be in the future.
Such is the case for climate changes and the rising sea levels. Current development in technology has allowed some consultants and companies to be able to forecast and show possible effects of the climate change and rising sea levels. New illustrated maps have graphically shown that Australia has the risk that there will be a lot of major cities and towns that will be underwater in the future.
A climate expert has said that rising sea levels could globally disperse millions of people around the world. These new maps come from Costal Risk Australia run by NGIS, management consultants. These data is from the US’s National and Atmospheric Administration NOAA.
IT is not just in Australia that this is being watched lately. Even in the United States, there are also groups that are monitoring and checking on the effects of these climate changes. Despite the seemingly not so serious response of some Australian delegates to these illustrated maps, there are still climate scientists that warn of possible ill-effects.
Just recently, US researchers have stated that sea levels driven by global warming were on track to increase the flooding worldwide by mid-century in tropical regions. A 10-20 cm jump in the watermark (although still a conservative forecast by far) by 2050 would still double the risk of flooding in high-latitude regions.
Even major centers such as Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Los Angeles will be affected along with the European Atlantic Coast. Even Mumbai, Kochi, and Abidjan may be affected and other cities as well. Scientists have mentioned that given these illustrated maps and graphical representations, they are 95% confident that added 5-10 cm will double the risk of flooding.

Higher Premiums For Pilgrims To Mecca For Increased Coverage

Before the end of the month, Muslims who are planning to go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia for their annual pilgrimage will find some changes in their insurance plans. According to the Sunday Times, pilgrims will be offered higher limits for medical coverage with unlimited coverage in case of emergency medical evacuation. However, increased coverage means higher premiums.

Sources told Sunday Times that a recent incident spurred discussions within the Muslim travel agency communities. The recent incident involved Abdul Ghafur Mohd Ibrahim, a 59-year old pilgrim whose left leg had to be amputated above his knee because of a flesh-eating infection. Mr. Ghafur is currently hospitalized in Amman, Jordan and his current medical bills amount to about 70,000 dinars (S$142,000).

The core issue is about the inadequacy of the compulsory $35 insurance plan that only covers $20,000 for hospitalization and $50,000 for repatriation. According to Ayoob Angullia of ST&T International, the only company that is authorized to sell insurance to pilgrims going to Mecca, they want to provide better coverage but they do not want to make the premiums too expensive.

Premiums must be practical and affordable with changes applying only to umrah not haj where the pilgrims already enjoy comprehensive coverage through the higher premium of $150. At present, pilgrims who are performing umrah have to pay $35 for the insurance plan to avail of the free emergency medical assistance in Saudi Arabia. However, since the cap is $20,000, the pilgrim has to pay for additional medical expenses.

If the pilgrims will pay an additional $30 for coverage on top of the $35 when they travel to nearby countries like Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Turkey, they will have extra insurance coverage. The extra coverage is not compulsory because some of the pilgrims may already have travel insurance or life insurance coverage.

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Why Security In The Airport’s Public Places Have To Be Improved

The recent attack at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport brings to mind the kind of protection provided by airports to travelers. If you will recall the history of almost 1,000 attacks on airports, most have used bombs or undertaken hijacking or sabotage. There were a very insignificant number of attacks on the airport’s public places.

Aside from the most recent attack on the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport, a similar attack took place in 1972 at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel with terrorists killing 26 persons and injuring dozens more. After the tragic 9/11 attacks, reforms in the aviation industry focused on protecting aircraft from bombs and hijackers. Airports increased the requirements for personnel in charge of receiving airport credentials so as to counteract any inside threats. However, there were no improvements on the security of the airport’s public areas.

The duties of transport security include screening of bags and people but not policing airports. Ensuring the availability of airport police to respond to acts of unlawful interference is the responsibility of the airport operator. Local police at the airports are paid through the local airport revenues to enforce security and protection.

Response requirements include immediate response from the police on issues at checkpoints on inbound and outbound aircraft. The police support the contingency and incident management of the airports. Having an “active shooter” is not one of the specific requirements of transport security but some airports include one in their security programs as proactive measure.

Airports can stop killings by having an effective law enforcement patrol and other proactive measures that can deter, detect and respond to a possible shooter. Some airports have trained their own personnel to respond to any critical situations. With tight security measures, it has become quite difficult to put a bomb on a plane but security in the airport’s public places must also be strictly enforced.

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Is It Right To Use Baits To Lure Sharks To Come Closer?

An underwater photographer experienced a horrifying close encounter with his subject when the great white shark broke into his cage. Shocking incidents have been reported from the Gulf of Mexico over the past years. The waters are certainly filled with sharks which makes diving in the Gulf of Mexico an adventure for the fearless.

According to underwater photographer, Brian Skerry, the bait might have lured the great white shark to come closer to the diving cage. Usually, boat crews throw a rope with tuna tied to it to encourage the shark to swim closer. As the shark gets closer to the bait, it opens its mouth, closes its eyes and ends up running into the cage.

Divers in the cage are in no danger of being bitten but they can be smashed to death by the 2,000-pound shark if it remains in the cage. According to videographer, Brian Ernst, he together with the crew was terrified that the diver might be slammed by the great shark when it was trying to get away.  Divers must be knowledgeable on how to leave the cage safely without letting the weights tied to the waist to pull them to the ocean floor.

Shark cage incidents are becoming common because they are easily enticed by the scent of tuna. On the other hand, the incidents have not diminished the enthusiasm of divers to experience shark cage diving. The fact is, sharks are actually awesome and won’t try to break into a cage. It is the bait that lures them to try and enter a diving cage.

Shark cage diving allows divers to experience a great white shark firsthand. It also raises awareness of the shark’s dwindling numbers that require some efforts to help in their preservation. Incidents in shark cage diving means that sharks have to be given the respect they deserve.

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Essential Changes To Laws Regarding Domestic Violence

In recent news, the Michigan Legislature has already approved seven bills which is to change some points in the existing Domestic Violence Laws. The changing was done in an attempt to stop domestic violence as well as make the current laws stronger. It was Governor Snyder who signed the changes and took effect last May.

  • It limits the power of the court in intervening during the divorce proceeding in cases where there is a PPO or personal protection order that has been filed by the defendant against the abuser or if there is an existing case in court with regards to abuse done by one of the parties involved. Before this, it was not recommended for the court to order mediation but most of the times, many victims are forced to take on mediation where they have to be in one room and think about the case in order to reach an agreement together with their abuser who they have managed to escape from domestic violence. This new law will protect those who have been a victim of abuse from facing their abuser during the mediation process. The only exemption is that if the victim is the one who asked for mediation in court.
  • The pets of the victim can be given the PPO or Personal Proctection Order. Abusers are known to use the pets of the victims in order to control them into doing what they want. This new law will make sure that abusers will not have access to the victims as well as their pets.
  • HB4479 and HB4788. The penalties are higher for abusers who know at the time of the abuse that the victim is pregnant. For the third offence, the abuser will be charged with 5 year felony.
  • This is a law protecting the address of the victim. During an escape, victims of abuse want to make sure that their address is not accessible to the abuser. Instead of the usual process serving, there are other alternative services which will be used in order to protect the current location of the victim.

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The Challenges Faced By Rehabilitation Centers

The increasing number of individuals that are addicted to drugs has forced the government to take stringent measures to treat 200,000 addicts and lift the moratorium on capital punishment. However, the government also faces several challenges with poorly equipped and understaffed rehabilitation centers.

According to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Indonesia, the government must undertake significant improvements in its rehabilitation programs because the number of drug users is expected to increase from the present 4 million users to about 4.7 million by 2020. Drug addiction is a very serious problem in Indonesia that is why the government has undertaken harsh measures like the death penalty.

On the other hand, laws require that drug addicts must be treated as victims who are entitled to social and medical rehabilitation. Rehabilitation centers face serious problems with the inadequacy of facilities and human resources. With fewer than 80 psychiatrists, the government can only manage to treat about 25,000 drug users every year. In 2015, the government planned for the rehabilitation of 100,000 drug users but BNN was only able to accommodate about 42,000.

There are 578 registered rehabilitation centers with 18 run by the government. There is no standardized treatment because each center employs its own methods and techniques. One example is a rehab center in Purbalingga, Central Java that makes use of “boil therapy.” A patient is placed on the pot containing different herbs which is warmed on a stove for 30 minutes. The method can be considered as odd but according to claims it is successful in treating drug users.

In BNN’s rehab center in Lido, West Java, patients are placed in isolation for medical treatment after which they undergo therapy in preparation for life outside of the rehab facility. BNN’s goal is to standardize rehabilitation programs to ensure an increased rate of success.

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World’s Best Awards On Airlines That Enhance Their Passenger’s Experience

Some airlines stand out from all the others that are transporting people through the skies. These are airlines that offer more than just decent seat and free meals to their passengers. Every year, Travel & Leisure holds the World’s Best Awards survey so that readers can share experiences on the top hotels they have stayed in, the best resorts in different parts of the world, the best island cruise lines, the best spas that managed to reduce their aches and pains and the best airline that are plying the skies.

The following factors were used by readers to rate international airlines – cabin comfort, in-flight service, customer service and the overall value of the experience. Some carriers have managed to take the lead from their competitors because they have made efforts to enhance their passenger’s experience. Instead of merely reviving the golden age of air travel, they have surpassed the expectations of their passengers.

According to Travel & Leisure reader Anne Star she felt like royalty on the Emirates. The Dubai-based airline certainly deserved the 2nd position on the World’s Best Awards because of its chauffeur service to and fro the flight, the upscale airport lounges and the synchronized flight attendants who made sure they wore matching lipsticks.

The third place in the world’s awards went to international airline Qatar Airways that allows its passengers to choose from a list of fine wines that will please their palette. The airline employs the services of an experienced sommelier to ensure that each wine is rich and ripe enough to please the travelers.

Singapore Airlines has always been the number one on the World’s Best Awards because every passenger is treated as a top-tier flier. One of its services allows passengers to choose a main course from a lengthy menu before they board the plane. There is no exception because even those on the economy class enjoy a good experience.

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