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How Products And Lifestyle Can Contribute To Hair Loss

At the beginning of 2018, many people noticed how Jada Pinkett Smith started wearing turbans every time she goes out for a public event. Everyone thought, including the staff at Bondi hair, that she was starting a new bold trend but she admitted that she is going through a huge issue which is hair loss.

One of the most pressing social problems faced by men and women, regardless of age, is severe hair loss. Many people who are suffering from it are feeling embarrassed and shameful at the same time but there are cases wherein the condition gets better overtime and disappears completely.

Andrea Clarke, a certified trichologist as well as a hairdresser, said that people think that the topic of hair loss can be a personal matter and they want it to be a private thing especially for women. This is worse many years ago but now many understand the situation better because of the information readily available through the internet and by those who are raising awareness regarding the condition. She added that it is now possible to remedy the condition because of the wide array of products available in the market as well as scientifically proven lifestyle changes that could make the condition better and lessen hair shedding.

Excessive hair loss is not the same as baldness because it is due to problems with the immune system of the body. The condition can be similar to alopecia areata wherein majority of the women population experience at least once in their lifetime.

Hair loss can be classified into two types – the first one is caused by a major happening while the second cause can be due to lack of nutrition. Major life events such as stress, illness and pregnancy can cause hair loss but the issue will resolve on its own without having to use any products or make lifestyle changes. The second one, on the other hand, has to do with nutrition therefore it should be determined whether the woman’s body is not absorbing the required nutrients and whether there are issues with the gut. While the problem persist, a visit to Bondi hair salon can help women feel better as they can have their hair done with more volume.

How Important Illustrations are For Viewers

If you have your own business, you are geared towards the need of having custom illustrations to be designed for different business purposes. How important are illustrations in your life?

  • Illustrations convey a strong message. If you want to express an idea which is difficult to put into words, illustration will work best for this situation. The human brain functions in a way where it is able to perceive the visual information more quickly compared to words. Even when you read a book, you probably have drawn an illustration in your head with the use of your imagination. There are times that you will need to convey messages where the importance will allow relying only in your imagination but will need concrete and crisp visual representation. The various technological advance illustrations, flowcharts and sketches are very useful for those with little attention span and for those who have a difficulty hearing.
  • Attracting attention and advertising. Even if someone is not interested in the product that you advertise at first, when he needs to buy the product, his tendency will be to buy what he saw being advertised on the television or seen handed out in flyers.


Education. Illustration and different images are also used for educational purposes. It is evident in children’s books that illustrations are abundant. Since the beginning of human existence, illustrations have been used. A child will normally begin perception of the world surrounding him as different objects since the babies think only non-abstractly. This is the reason why illustrations are typically used when educating children and in developing their imagination. That is why it is very important to use illustrations in children’s books. Illustrations will help the child associate the words with objects as well as sentences with actions which are illustrated. Another important thing to keep in mind is that illustrations designed for children’s books are purposefully created in order to fascinate children to read. Certainly the use of illustration is not just limited to children. Even for adults, the use of illustration is very useful. It is for this reason that there are illustrated art in book illustrations.