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Courier Issues Encouraged Company To Change

A retailer for children’s furniture has been having issues with their current courier companies in Melbourne due to damaged products while on transit to the customer’s delivery address. As the problem continues to affect the company, they decided to search for a solution.

According to the Incy Interior’s founder, Kristy Withers, though they have changed couriers a number of times, the problem persisted. They have tried multiple companies in the last several years but they have all delivered bad service.

All her products for delivery have been flat-packed but there are still damages to it. She refers to the experience as a hellish one because they have been so focused on manufacturing as well as completing the orders that they did not realized that there could be problems while on delivery such as damages.

Incy Interiors always make sure to attend to the customer’s complaints and offer a resolution but Wither admitted that it is taking up a lot of her time.

She shared how customers have sent her photos of the picture that shows how the content has been crushed inside. The courier delivered it anyway and did not mind the state of the package. There was also an instance where the dresser she sent to a customer arrived with a hole in the middle as big as a forklift.

She is complaining about the lack of customer service of their previous courier companies. They are not answering the phone so the issue remains unsolved and their delivery is late most of the time. She is appalled that courier companies do not give the same basic services that are common in small businesses.

Withers decided to do something about the damages and she decided to apply the extreme packaging solution. The process of changing the packaging was quite expensive on their part. They now use the thickest cardboard that does not bend and they are also incorporating big foam or metal corners before packaging the furniture. The company shoulders the costs of the stronger packaging which accounts to about 4 per cent of the total cost of the products. Withers was able to reduce the damages while being delivered by courier companies in Melbourne to only 1 per cent of the entire product shipped.

Tips For Effective Furniture Removals In Sydney

Moving to a new location can cause stress not just with you but with the entire family. Good thing there are ways to lessen the stress associated with the activity. One of these ways is to prepare for the transfer and hire reliable experts in removals in Sydney. To make the task easier, here are some ideas that you can refer to.

Get your packing materials ready

Most removalists are paid by the hour. The longer they do service for you, the more you need to pay them. Even if you hire contractors to do the packing and moving for you, you still have personal belongings to pack and prepare. Thus, to hasten the packing and moving of your things, your personal belongings should already be packed so all the removals in Sydney needs to do is move these things to our new location. Prepare your packing materials ahead so you would have them when you need some supplies. Make sure you have thick and sturdy boxes, markers, packing or duct tapes, bubble or plastic wraps, cellophanes, packing peanuts, old newspapers for breakable items and similar packing materials.

Prepare your belongings

Before you do the packing, you need to sort your things to make them easier to pack. Segregate items according to their type such as glassware and breakable items and that include appliances. Separate your valuable items and keep them close to you during the transfer. Put away items, clothing materials or furniture that you can sell to your neighbours or online. Set aside items that you would immediately need when you transfer to a new house such as hygiene kits, disposable diapers if you have kids, pet food and similar items.

Pack your items gradually

To ensure that your things are packed properly, start your packing a few weeks prior to your scheduled moving out. Label the boxes accordingly to let the contractors for removals in Sydney know which should be handled with more caution. Aside from that, you will know where to find the items that you may immediately need when you get to your new house.

How To Keep Chicken Wings Warm And Crispy

Chicken wings are one of the most favourite party appetizers. If you are planning to invite your friends over or make it as your show off your cooking prowess to your family, cook a delectable set of chicken wings in Hong Kong for everybody. There are different ways to cook chicken wings but one of the most favourite is deep fried until they are golden brown. However, one of the challenges in preparing chicken wings is how to keep them warm and crispy for your visitors and family.  Here are simple ways to do it.

  • To cook chicken wings thoroughly, use a slow cooker. Pat the chicken wings dry after rinsing them. Place the wings on a broiler or roasting pan and broil the wings for 10 minutes on each side or until both sides are golden brown. As an option, you can also bake the wings for 12 minutes on each side at 450F. When done, transfer the chicken wings to your slow cooker together with the sauce for 4 hours if the cooker is on high or 8 hours for low. Serve after.
  • Your slow cooker should be able to accommodate the number of chicken wings in Hong Kong you intend to serve. A 6 qt. Slow cooker can take in 24 to 36 wings while a 4 qt. Can cook 18 to 24 wings. Put 1 cup of sauce for every 12 wings.
  • To keep the chicken wings warm after you are done cooking them, place the chicken wings in a preheated slow cooker. If the wings have already gone cold and you would like to reheat them, set the oven or microwave to 165 degrees. When done, transfer the chicken wings to a slow cooker. To prevent perishing, set the slow cooker to 140 degrees.
  • To lower the risk of food poisoning, pre-heat the slow cooker for an hour on the first hour then turn the temperature to low after. Some slow cookers have timers so you can just set the time to an hour for a perfect chicken wings in Hong Kong.

How To Choose Thailand Beach Villa

Now and then you would need a break from your everyday busy life and you have to pamper yourself or your loved ones with a luxurious holiday that you deserve. It is also a token for hard work and a celebration of life’s little successes. To make your holiday fun and meaningful, get a Thailand beach villa overlooking crystal clear water or surrounded by greeneries of the mountains. With all the amazing beaches in Thailand, you will find it difficult to get a beach villa that is suitable to your idea of a perfect vacation. To help you find the right villa for you, take a look at these ideas.

Offers comfortable amenities

Find a Thailand beach villa that will not make you miss too much the comforts of your home.  If you want to cook your favourite comfort food, you can do so with a fully equipped kitchen with crockery and appliances.  At the same time, it should offer free access to Wi-Fi so you will not be fully detached with people at home. Also, choose a villa with spacious rooms and a living area to allow you to move feely especially if you have your family or kids with you.

Relaxing view

You go on holiday to relax and get revitalized. So choose a villa in Thailand that offers amenities that would enhance your experience. A direct access to the swimming pools or the beach would be a lovely idea or you can also get a place with spacious sundeck or balcony where you can laze around in the afternoon as you read a book or watch the sunset. A sundeck is also perfect for yoga or tai chi exercises. For total relaxation, find a villa in Thailand where you will feel a lot closer to nature.

Competitive rates

To experience the comforts of home while staying in a posh hotel doesn’t mean you would break the bank. There is a Thailand beach villa that is easy on the pocket if you would just do a little research and if you would compare rates among beach villas in Thailand.

South America Tours: How To Choose A Travel Agency

If you are thinking about those interesting ancient ruins in Peru or the colourful handmade blankets in Bolivia or if you want t learn how to dance Tango from the locals, the best thing that you should do is get on in one of those South America Tours offered by different travel agencies online and even by your local travel dealers. If you search through the internet, you will find a good number of agencies that offer various services for your travel needs. To guide you in finding the right company, take a look at the following points:

Certified and accredited

The first thing that you should look for in a travel agency is their license to operate in and their accreditation from a reputable travel organization or body. This will give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable company that you can possibly file a complaint against if ever you are not happy with their service.

Reasonable rates

Another consideration when looking for an agency for South America Tours is their offered rates. Avoid going for the cheapest rate because more often than not, there is a reason why the agency offers their package tour at a ridiculously low price. Instead of choosing the cheapest, opt for a package where you can get the best value for your money. The key to this is looking closely at the inclusions of every package. Do not be deceived at low costs because you might end up regretting your choices.

High reputation

One of the qualifications in choosing a travel agency is their reputation among customers. Choose an agency that proactively offers contact information of their customers, upon request, so you can call them for feedback. You can also check the company’s feedback and ratings tab to find out what their customers have to say about their services. Choose a company for South America tours that is trusted by more customers. If possible, go for a company that has been given awards and recognitions as a proof of high quality customer service.

How To Hire A Real Property Agent In Pattaya

One of the keys to buying the right house for sale in Pattaya is hiring a reliable real property agent who will assist and guide you all throughout the buying process. You can find a lot of real property agents on the internet but the challenge is how you can hire the right one. All of these agents claim to be the best in the industry and you will never know if they are telling the truth unless you do some steps to validate the information. Here are some of the ways to find out if you are looking at the right agent.

Look for credentials

Before you hire a real estate property agent, you should check the credentials of the prospective agent. You might want to check the license of the agent including its validity and also the agent’s membership among reputable association for real property agent’s in Pattaya or in the area where you are buying the property. Real estate property agents also have specialties. Specialization is obtained by going through additional trainings and examinations and this is one of the things that you might want to check from the agent.

Talk to previous clients

Real property agents would put their best foot forward when talking with you. To find out if they are as good as what they want you to believe, talk to their previous clients. Ask for the contact information of the agent’s previous clients and talk to them if they were satisfied with the service rendered to them by the agent who’s helping you with the house for sale in Pattaya. If they were not happy with the service, find out why.

Ask for experience in the industry

Experience in the field is a precursor of potentially positive experience with the real property agent. Find out how long the agent has been in the business of selling house for sale in Pattaya and how many properties has he disposed. Agents’ who have been in the business in less than five years can still be gaining experience and you might want to look for someone who is more experienced in the field.

Why Scramble Golf Can Be A Good Activity During Team Building

Employer engagement plays an important role in business success. Employees must be thriving to face new challenges. They must be active in sharing solutions with one another and willing to share workload during peak times. One the options to nurture employer engagement in the workplace are through team building activities. Team building is great motivator for employees because they get the chance to leave the workplace for a day and have fun with all expenses paid by the employer.

Employers must never regret providing their employees some good time because team building activities serve a good purpose. The different activities available in the event will help employees to work as a cohesive unit. A lot of companies outsource the company event to events providers who know the ins and outs of interpersonal relationships within the workplace. However, event providers must work closely with human resources who know the workforce better. Human resources will also help the employees relax in dealing with strangers during the event.

On the other hand, the problem with team building is the predictability of activities. Employees are already too familiar with rope walking exercises that sometimes the announcement is met with unfavourable comments. Most of the standard team building activities that seems too contrived need to be changed to generate employee interest and excitement.

One activity for team building that a company can consider is Scramble Golf with rules that are very simple. Teams composed of four players are set up with every member allowed to take a shot. The teams decide as a group on whose shot was closest. The golf game continues until they are near the hole. The winner will be someone who eventually putts. The activity can be played by both amateurs and seasoned players so that all employees will feel that they have made a certain contribution to the team’s efforts.

The usual objective of most of the games in team building is team bonding with fun. However, since not all golf clubs will be amenable to amateurs playing on the course, it is important to search for a company who provides such activity in team building.