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Hilton Pushing Into Southeast Asia

The Hilton Hotels and Resorts group is pushing into Southeast Asia region, with the company seeing the region as a key market for growth, which means that people will be seeing Hilton properties across Thailand, Vietnam, and the surrounding countries, with a new hotel in Sukhumvit very much likely.

Paul Hutton, Hilton’s Vice President of Operations, says that the company sees the emerging market in the region, brought about by rising urbanisation and growth of the travel-keen middle class of the region. He says that, the huge potential for growth and the abundance of opportunities in the region, is why the company has been moving to establish more of its brands and develop more properties in the region.

Back in 2017, the first Canopy brand hotel, which they managed to seal in a landmark portfolio deal, which includes six new Sri Lanka hotels and four in Vietnam.

Hutton says that the Hilton hotels want to continue where their guests want to be, in order to meet lodging and accommodation needs, whether for leisure or business. He says that, for the most part, markets in the region, like Myanmar and Vietnam, still have an under-supply of hotels and rooms, which the company sees as opportunities to bring in their brands, in particular, bringing new brands into the region to attract different travel segments.

He gives an example, with Thailand, which he says is a key market of growth for Hilton and will stay that way in the future, if the forecasts are any indication, with a 6% increase in tourism numbers expected in 2018, following the record setting 35.38M arrivals back in 2017, which amounts to about half of Thailand’s population.

Hutton says that, with Thailand being so ripe for opportunity, the company is excited to launch the ultra-luxury brand Waldorf Astoria in the nation’s capital sometime in the third quarter of 2018, which is, oddly, not a new hotel in Sukhumvit, but located near Dinosaur Planet.

Other key markets for Hilton are the Maldives, which is also expecting another Waldorf Astoria brand hotel; the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi Resort, set to open early 2019. Currently, Hutton says, the company has 2,257 hotels under development across the world, with 415 of them located in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Japanese Sushi Reproduced Through Digital Technology

Sushi is a Japanese dish made from rice that is combined with a variety of ingredients like raw seafood, vegetables and occasionally, fruits. Sushi is a popular dish served in most Southeast Asian restaurants. If you are in Thailand, you can experience the Japanese dish at sushi restaurant in Bangkok that uses exceptionally fresh fish and ingredients.

However, what will you feel if the sushi you ordered comes via a futuristic platform from Japan that has been transmitted to generate pixilated made to order sushi? Open Meals has demonstrated this concept at this year’s South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Generating technology and 3D printer that can make “8-bit sushi” was showcased.

It sounds a like a gimmick but the creators of the platform have an ambitious plan for a concept that could make radical changes on how food is created and delivered. The basic idea of 3D printed food is not new because a variety of creators have already started to create faux meat, ice cream and fruits. However, Open Meals is using unique technology that will customize food down to mere millimetres. Whereas most food printers create layers of pureed ingredients, Open Meals makes use of a water-based system that can add flavours, nutrients and colours while a “cube” is being assembled.

The other component is the Pixel Food Printer which is a platform for complex food creation that makes use of digital technology, a robotic arm and a range of cartridges that provide flavour, colour, nutrition and gelatizing agents into the sushi. The printer is capable of making simple reproductions of different kinds of food.

The sushi that is currently printed is in 5-millimeter blocks that resemble tasty food bits you will usually find in video games. However, Open Meals hopes that the sushi bits will reach sizes of one millimetre or less to make it better looking.

No matter if the sushi is created through digital technology; it won’t beat the flavour and taste of the Japanese food served at sushi restaurant in Bangkok that offers the best Japanese dining in Thailand. Aside from Japanese sushi, there are salmon dishes the echoes the authentic flavours of Japan.

One Stop Solution For Domestic Staffing Requirements

All of us need a helping hand to go on about our daily chores. Be it in homes or offices, there is a constant need of housekeeping staff to take care of daily cleaning and maintenance of the premises. These housekeeping staff must be properly trained and skilled to carry out their regular activities in a neat and effective manner.

The one stop shop for all your housekeeping and domestic help needs in Dubai is Savoir Vivre. The agency is established in 2013 and has earned the reputation of being g one of the best and reliable agencies for providing domestic staffing services. The agency has branches Eastern Europe along with Dubai and has an extensive network, which helps them to recruit the best people in the industry. They take of the housekeeping services of homes, offices and business organizations by providing well trained staff.

The Savoir Vivre agency provides a number of domestic helps ranging from Nannies, Nannies for special needs children, Maternity Nannies, Butlers, House and Estate managers, Private Chefs, Governess, caregivers for Elderly persons, personal assistants, Executive assistants, Yacht crew, Chauffeurs, Tutors and personal trainers. All the staff provided by the agency is well trained and professional. They are trained in Social Etiquette, Communication skills and Table manners. The training helps the staff to pick up the necessary skills to carry on their regular duties with the clients confidently.

The reputed agency provides special needs caregivers, teachers and medical personnel for families who have children with special needs. These families are serviced first and are given tailor made contracts with specially designed terms and conditions. They also provide elderly caregivers like nurses and support staff to take care of elderly couples living alone. The medical personnel and caregivers are trained in CPR and first aid and can respond well to emergencies.

The best agency to approach for domestic staffing services in Dubai is Savoir Vivre. Just visit their website and fill up the registration form or dial the contact numbers provided on the website, to get in touch with the agency. They will take care of all your domestic help needs and provide well-trained professional helpers to assist in your daily chores.

Why You Should Book At Ad Lib Hotel In Bangkok

A Thailand vacation can be complete if you are booked in Ad Lib Hotel in Bangkok for your accommodation. They offer their guests with practically almost anything. The accommodations, amenities, service, meals and even the views tend to be the best in the world. This is a four-star hotel and surpassingly titled as one of the best in Thailand.

If you want to relax in style, consider the most exotic location of Thailand in luxury hotels. Booking at Ad Lib Hotel in Bangkok will have you pampered in every way imaginable. You can have a butler preparing a warm bath for you. You can also soothe yourself with a relaxing massage. The rooms offer spectacular views of Bangkok. Why not rest and sleep in huge beds with velvety carpeting and cozy furniture, Wi-Fi and large flat screened TVs with hundreds of channels. You can also soak yourself in Jacuzzis, swimming pool or glass-enclosed shower stalls.

The meals served by the hotel are superb. You get to experience a sumptuous feast prepared by world-renowned chefs who creatively plated and served the cuisines at the dining rooms or in private suites. They use the freshest ingredients such as meats, vegetables and spices to suit your delectable taste buds.

Ad Lib Bangkok is situated in the heart of Bangkok along the Sukhumvit district near Ploenchit and Nana BTS skytrain station. A shuttle bus or tuk tuk ride can take you to the city’s most magnificent and interesting sights. If you’re out for an enjoyable nightlife, you can be entertained at the Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts. There are go-go bars and clubs waiting for you with lovely girls. Or why not go shopping for souvenirs you can take home in nearby shopping malls and stalls.

There are all sorts of budget to luxury hotels found along the Sukhumvit Road, including the Ad Lib Hotel in Bangkok. If you are out for the best experience, choose this Bangkok hotel. Just check out their website and book in advance for a stay in Bangkok. As you want to make memories, capture pictures and remember how friendly and hospitable the staff is in this gorgeous yet private hotel.

Deciding To Get Treatment From A California Rehab

When people make a choice to obtain addiction treatment from a California rehab, they should put up in their minds that getting help isn’t admission of failure. They mustn’t feel bad about their choice not to battle the affliction alone. This is actually why they are seeking help. Opting for treatment means they have acknowledged the problem, and that they are responsible for their lives and choices of moving on wards.

A Japanese proverb once said, “Fall seven times, and stand up on the eighth.” It doesn’t matter what you have been doing in the past, and how many wrongdoings you have made; choosing to seek treatment is standing up for the eighth time.

Choosing Treatment

Choosing to settle for a treatment program can bring out your feelings. Admitting that you need help, choosing the right California rehab center, and experiencing the symptoms of detoxification can be overpowering. What it means is that change is taking place.

With the addiction, family issues can be molded. Healing family relationships can make people move on from their disputes and traumas and focus solely on feeling better. The family is the most solid support network of the addict; hence, he needs to be honest with them and improve their line of communication. A wound that is healed will provide cleansing in one’s life and the total healing of their mind and body.

Get the Right Information

If you want the best treatment for yourself or that someone you love, you need to select a facility that fits his needs and preference. In order for you to do that, you need to gather details about various treatment centers, and how they perform their treatment programs on patients. If you live far away from a California rehab, you must know that this is the best option for the treatment programs as the patient learns to do away with familiarity and will make it difficult for him to give up and return home.

You also need to consider the kinds of programs available and how much it costs. Treatment will not be realistic if people had to worry about expenses of the treatment program. They must consider price options and what payment modes can be made. Only if they speak with a doctor or counselor will they know the right choice for treatments.

Advanced Technology Makes It More Challenging For New Graduates To Find A Job

One of the difficult decisions that parents have to make is what type of school should their children go to. There is a wide range of schools in Bangkok that include private schools, international schools and Christian schools. School fees in international schools are generally higher than private bilingual schools but they have better facilities and well trained teachers.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution that includes artificial intelligence, robotic technology and automation technology is threatening unskilled labour and new graduates because they might be left unemployed in the future. Because of the technological breakthroughs, blue-collar workers must improve their skills and learn sophisticated work so as not to be left behind when artificial intelligence and automation takes over.

Plans to cut jobs have started in the banking and telecommunications sector because customers are now enjoying self-service through digital channels. Workers that have been laid off do not have the skill set required by future organizations. According to SiriyupaRoongrengsuke, deputy director of academic affairs at Sasin School of Management, educational systems are still incapable of harmonizing the country’s economic development because at least 16% of those that graduated recently are still unemployed.

In large and medium-sized enterprises, production and management processes are now using artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things. They prefer the automated processes because of increased production efficiency. Changes are predicted for production and services once artificial intelligence is used for the collection and analysis of statistical data.

The much touted Thailand 4.0 initiative and digital transformation will require employers to make a shift to digital for innovation and competitiveness. This will require the skills of talented workers. On the other hand, it can bring about a labour shortage in certain sectors while others will remain unemployed. University students must take education seriously; otherwise, they might face difficulties to land a job.

Children must learn the value of education even at a very young age. When choosing from the wide array of schools in Bangkok, it is important to consider the reputation of the school, the expertise of teachers, the curriculum, the school’s campus and facilities and their extra-curricular programs so that the child will have a well-rounded education.

Florida Power Company Will Not Charge Homeowners After Hurricane Irma Costs

According to the Florida Power & Light Company they are going to use the federal tax savings of the company, which they received based on the new tax law, to cover the costs incurred after Hurricane Irma. The recovery costs after the natural disaster amounted to $1.3 billion. This lifted a heavy burden from the homeowners including those who are processing their Florida application for a tax ID.

Due to this decision of the utility company, it is expected that the average bill of a residential property from FPL will decrease to $99.37 from the usual amount of $102.72. If there are no surcharges due to the Irma storm which ranges from $4 and $5.50 every month until the year 2020, the average savings of the company’s subscribers will amount to $250. Currently, FPL has a total of 4.9 million customers.

FPL has already expressed their plan to gather a new charge due to the storm starting from the month of March and there is also the plan to get approval from the Public Service Commission of Florida to be able to charge additional until they are able to pay off the bill they have incurred because of the electric grid restoration.

According to the president of FPL, Eric Silagy, the federal tax reform came at the right time because they have just experienced one of the most expensive hurricanes that have visited in the history of Florida. It presented a good opportunity that has never happened before.

The public counsel of Florida, J.R. Kelly, expressed that the Office of Public Council together with various parties that made a deal with the utility company in 2016 have already expected the implementation of the corporate tax cuts. Trump has always been vocal about the plan of his Administration and that was a part of it. During the deal, the parties have already created a provision incorporated in the agreement regarding action they will take on the issue.

According to Kelly, taxpayers beginning their Florida Application for a tax ID should know that consumes pay based on their income taxes which is a factor.