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Advanced Technology Makes It More Challenging For New Graduates To Find A Job

One of the difficult decisions that parents have to make is what type of school should their children go to. There is a wide range of schools in Bangkok that include private schools, international schools and Christian schools. School fees in international schools are generally higher than private bilingual schools but they have better facilities and well trained teachers.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution that includes artificial intelligence, robotic technology and automation technology is threatening unskilled labour and new graduates because they might be left unemployed in the future. Because of the technological breakthroughs, blue-collar workers must improve their skills and learn sophisticated work so as not to be left behind when artificial intelligence and automation takes over.

Plans to cut jobs have started in the banking and telecommunications sector because customers are now enjoying self-service through digital channels. Workers that have been laid off do not have the skill set required by future organizations. According to SiriyupaRoongrengsuke, deputy director of academic affairs at Sasin School of Management, educational systems are still incapable of harmonizing the country’s economic development because at least 16% of those that graduated recently are still unemployed.

In large and medium-sized enterprises, production and management processes are now using artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things. They prefer the automated processes because of increased production efficiency. Changes are predicted for production and services once artificial intelligence is used for the collection and analysis of statistical data.

The much touted Thailand 4.0 initiative and digital transformation will require employers to make a shift to digital for innovation and competitiveness. This will require the skills of talented workers. On the other hand, it can bring about a labour shortage in certain sectors while others will remain unemployed. University students must take education seriously; otherwise, they might face difficulties to land a job.

Children must learn the value of education even at a very young age. When choosing from the wide array of schools in Bangkok, it is important to consider the reputation of the school, the expertise of teachers, the curriculum, the school’s campus and facilities and their extra-curricular programs so that the child will have a well-rounded education.