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Previous Repair Resulted To More Damage

Repairs are never cheap and workers at can tell you that. Aside from the materials, professional fees have to be added on top. This is a hard truth learned by the management of the St. Pierre Museum. They thought that they will only tackle minor repairs but they ended up paying more than $100,000.

It was a decade and a half ago when the chimney located at the museum’s west wall had to be reinforced with concrete at the top portion. As the years go by, the additional weight resulted to damage where cracks appeared on the foundation and the chimney is slowly disintegrating. Rolly Gagne, the president of the museum, said that they needed to replace the heating system because it is necessary to remove the collapsing foundation of the chimney.

In the last five years, they have dedicated much effort into installing the new high-efficiency boiler and this alone was considered to be a huge project for the museum. After they have completed this, they moved on to the elimination of the chimney but they were faced with several issues after the chimney has been removed. As of writing, the original bricks are being restructured into the building.

Gagne explained that if they did not take the initiative to remove the chimney, it would have resulted to worse scenarios such as the chimney collapsing unexpectedly.

He added that a big portion was torn down but a small section is to remain as a historical aspect. They expect to finish the west wall before the spring ends and then they are going to move on the wrapping the building and bricks repointing. Repointing is considered to be very essential in order to avoid the moisture seeping through the bricks and destroying the wall’s interior.

For this year, they are going to focus on repointing the west wall but they will eventually move on to other walls until everything has been completed. Repointing is accomplished by replacing the external part found at the joints of the mortar. In the end, the repair set the museum back by $114,000 because they have to buy a new boiler and to repair the west wall’s bricks.