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Kids Discovered Snake Eggs In Sand Pits

This may be a new year to many but for Australia, it is still common to see snakes everywhere. While everyone else is still hangover with the recently concluded holiday, the snakes in Australia did not take time off to populate. The fact is that residents have been tempted to call pest control in Sydney because these slithery reptiles seem to be unaware of the festive season as news erupted of a sandpit discovered to have 43 brown snake eggs. The sandpit is located at a Laurieton school which is in the middle north coast of New South Wales.

The discovery was made on the 20th of December and the kids Christmas break were scheduled right after that day. The children were playing when they discovered the eggs and the adults took charge by contacting volunteers working for the Fawna Wildlife Rescue service.

It took three days for the volunteers to dig up all the eggs in the sand pit and they were able to safely transfer them. According to them, the eggs were ready to hatch two weeks after they have been discovered.

Another snake story was featured in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It was of a family staying in Twin Waters whom decided to have a barbecue on the day of the New Year only to discover a huge carpet python that is staying below the grill.

They contacted Stuart McKenzie, the owner of The Snake Catcher 24/7, to get rid of the unwanted guest.

These two stories are a reminder that Australia is truly the land of sand and snakes. During the summer is when the snakes are more active and they slither all over the countryside looking for food, water and fellow snakes to mate with.

The government of South Australia published a fact sheet which instructs homeowners to lessen the food sources in their property because this is what attracts the snakes. It is recommended to call pest control in Sydney if there is a rise in the number of rats and mice because this is the favourite food of the snakes.