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Winged Boats To Aid Container Transfers

A concept has been presented by Boeing that utilized aircraft in transporting containers as much as 14 at a time to be moved to a winged boat. This is a welcome innovation for a container transport company in Perth and every company in the sector because it will make the process faster and the cost is lower. To be able to make this concept a reality, a number of technologies have to be employed and integrated such as vessels that are semi-submersible and vessel with tandem wing.

Containers that are transported around international destinations are currently using bigger ships with more space but the speed is not as fast. There is a high demand for faster delivery thus the concept was introduced. For now, the best service available is through long-distance railway but the downside is that only limited number of containers can be carried and the cost is higher. These containers are traveling from Western Europe to China and vice versa.

In the past years, there is the emergence of air freight services from companies such as FedEx and UPS but they only cater to small parcels. With this, the research team from the Boeing Aircraft Company developed a computer model for container airplane that can handle automatic loading in order to deliver faster compared to railway services.

Trains are able to transport 100 containers but with the concept presented by Boeing, only 14 containers can be moved at a time. It is unlike commercial airlines where they have to abide with the maximum wingspan as well as the landing weights. The seaplanes and winged boats in concept are expected to have greater wingspan as well as weight. It is possible for the seaplane to have twin-hull pontoons where the barge can position at the middle so that the plane can go lower to take more containers than first calculated.

This is still a thing of the future but a container transport company in Perth is already expecting to see this new innovation. Less time will be consumed by the transport process and transporting will be the fastest even in extended distances.

Adoption Of Bitcoin Technology In The Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is constantly changing which increases the demand for specialist in logistics to ensure success in the competitive market. Essential resources that include trained, skilled and competent staff including modern equipment and transportation are particularly important in the logistical distribution network.

One of the latest technologies being adopted by logistics and supply chain industry is Blockchain. In 2018, it was reported that several companies are considering Blockchain technology to simplify the delivery process and make the supply chain more traceable. It is expected that Blockchain technology will be adopted by other players in the industry particularly since South Korean electronics giant Samsung and Wal-Mart, one of the world’s largest retailer have announced adoption of the technology.

The movement of a product between a company and its suppliers up to the delivery of the product to the customer is quite complex. In today’s globalized world, the supply chain has become more complicated because of the number of players. Payments between vendors, suppliers and customers including other involved parties usually take days to be processed because contracts have to be reviewed by lawyers and banks and easily cause delays and additional costs.

It is also difficult to trace a certain cargo that passes from one geographical destination to another before it finally reaches its destination. If documents are lost or forged, it would be difficult to trace the actual origin of the product. If Blockchain technology will be used by the logistics industry, full transparency can be realized when dealing with supply chain that involves hundreds of geographical locations and checkpoints.

More importantly, Blockchain technology can dramatically decrease the need for paperwork. It will make it easier to track accountability for deliveries at every handover. Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company has completed initial tests of a Blockchain-based system to manage its cargo.

In order to be a specialist in logistics, it is important to understand long-term relationships and partnerships with customers. It is also important to consider continuous innovations, efficient business practices and creative solutions to strengthen the partnerships and exceed all their expectations. Companies are in constant competitive battle but being innovative,it is very easy to win the battle.