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Lutz-Manrique Family Funeral – Mourned In Sydney After ‘Tragic Gas Death’

Relatives and friends farewelled the Lutz-Manrique family in their funeral at Sydney upper north shores in Wahroonga, two weeks after Police discovered their bodies inside their home in Davidson. Maria Lutz, 43, husband Fernando Manrique, 44 and their children Martin and Elisa, were suspected to be victims of deliberate gas poisoning as a gas set-up was also found in the ceiling.

Shocked members of the St. Lucy’s School community also joined the mourners. Both children of the Lutz-Manrique family had autism and attended the said school at Wahroonga. The family’s funeral directors in Sydney arranged a solemn requiem mass at the Holy Name Catholic Church despite the streaming of grieving friends and relatives, emotionally remembering the much-adored Lutz-Manrique family. Relatives of Maria Lutz, mostly arriving in Sydney from Colombia, remembered her as a woman of tenacity and resilience, and a very loving mother to Martin and Elisa.

Suspected gas murder-suicide

Their home in Davidson was forced entered by the police after the school alerted the authorities when Mrs. Lutz did not show up for Canteen duty. Reports have earlier suggested that house pipes which carried Carbon Monoxide lead to the tragic incident. Witnesses also said they saw Mr. Manrique building a pipe network into their roof which points the investigation to be possibly a murder-suicide. Friends of Mrs. Lutz also testified that she pleaded her husband that they return to her family in Colombia to get help from them in caring for their autistic children, but Mr. Manrique refused.

Disability did not cause deaths

Warren Hopley, Principal of St. Lucy’s School, commended Mr. Manrique who have, in no doubt, loved his children. He added that the matter on why he snapped should not be blamed on the children’s disability. Josie Gigliotti, the parent of Elisa’s classmate, said Maria Lutz also did not show any hints of difficulty in coping.

Tragedy exposure may help spread awareness

The family expressed they make no judgments and do not blame anyone for the circumstances which lead to the Lutz-Manrique family’s death. Though further exposure could only add to their pain, they hoped that this will bring awareness on the psychological, economic and social stresses that parents of children with autism bears.

Relatives requested the funeral directors in Sydney for a private cremation before they take the remains back to Colombia.


When Thailand Mourns A Beloved Monarch

Thailand was plunged in deep mourning due to the death of their well-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej; however, for the tourism industry the show must go on. Thailand and Hong Kong remains to be the favorite destination of tourists. In Thailand, businesses, tourist attractions and public transport remain open but management understands if some employees have to take leave because they are in mourning.

According to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thailand will hold a one year mourning period but for the sake of the economy, entertainment functions will only be toned down for a month. Because of the government’s desire to preserve the economy, resorts will be open for accommodation, dining and retail but they will not organize entertainment shows. Guests are assured that facilities will remain to function because business has to go on.

According to Allan Zeman , chairman of LanKwai Fong Group, the mourning period will not affect Thailand’s tourism industry because it remains to be a beautiful country with lots of beaches and historical sites. Even if there are no entertainment functions, there is still too much to do in Thailand. In fact, two of Zeman’s resorts in Phuket will remain open.

The Thais are confident of the country’s stability under the present government. Visitors must not be surprised if people went about their normal business activities with a heavy heart. The Thais are wearing black and shedding tears due to their king’s death. Large photographs of the king can be found in front of shops as an expression of the people’s sadness and as a sign of respect.

King Bhimibol Adulyadejhas ruled Thailand for 70 years. Thais love him because he travelled to all parts of the country to understand his people and help in their difficulties. He was the longest reigning monarch of the world; a king who will always occupy an esteemed position in Thailand’s heart and mind.

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More Diversity On Television Than Hollywood

During the Oscar nominations, Hollywood was badly battered by the backlash on lack of diversity; however, Hollywood only has to look for inspiration through television. While movies have definitely lagged behind, television has certainly exploded with diversity. The film industry is now trying to catch up with the small screen where some of the most talented artists are turning to for artistic freedom. Artists do not have to worry about marketability in China because they can tell more varied stories on TV.

According to Viola Davis who won an Emmy as best actress in a TV drama, television cares about its audience and it caters to the demographics of what is America. Television is actually a faster and more flexible medium than film. There are also more opportunities on TV because of cable and streaming networks and the willingness for riskier material. Hollywood is largely controlled by six major film studios and a handful of large production companies.

A few years ago, television landscape was not so diverse but it is now flush with the likes of Lee Daniels of Empire, Aziz Ansari of Master of None and Jill Soloway of Transparent. Narratives have become significantly varied so that actors gain the opportunity to come in and show what they have got.

In order to be competitive in crowded media landscape, studios are now bankrolling fewer films. Instead, the focus is on potential blockbusters that can sell tickets all over the world. The strategy seems to work because 2015 was able to set a $11.1billion record at the box office. The two most popular films Furious 7 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens grossed more than $1 billion. The cast came close to representing American society than other blockbusters in the past. The lack of Oscar nominations however is a perfect reflection of the movie industry. The public may not be aware of what is actually happening behind the scenes but they see TV has much more diversity.

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New Discovery To Reduce Operation And Maintenance Expenses On Commercial Boilers

Research results from Chalmers University of Technology have revealed that a certain bed material will improve the combustion of waste and biomass while decreasing the operating and maintenance costs of today’s commercial boilers. Based on the findings, combined heat and power technology are relatively interesting from the perspective of profit and climate particularly for smarter next generation designs.

The discovery on how metal oxide oxygen-carrying properties can be used in circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers have been verified and scaled up in laboratories to commercial reality in real time. Silica sand is typically used in boilers but it was replaced by ilmenite-based bed material in the form of sand to even out heat fluctuations while making the combustion of fuel more efficient.

Compared to regular sand, iron titanium material ilmenite and other metal oxides have a clear advantage because they can transport oxygen into the combustion chamber in places where there is an abundance of oxygen to places where there is depletion. When an oxygen-carrying bed material is circulated inside the chamber and it mixes with fuel, oxygen will be evenly distributed in the space.

The positive effects of using iron titanium material ilmenite are uniformity and efficiency in combustion to increase the boiler’s efficiency. The emission of carbon monoxide will be significantly lower and so with ash fouling. Operation and maintenance are also expected to be reduced in most of the fluidized bed combustors plants all over the world.

Another advantage which is crucial to meet climate goals is the ability to burn difficult fuels like coarse waste. This will be the solution to the problems of most boiler producers on how to avoid unburned fuel in a commercial boiler. This is also a solution that is beneficial to both the environment and economy. The technology will also benefit boilers in modern heat and power plants that use various forms of biofuel.

The key factor to the success of Chalmers University of Technology is the fact that Chalmers Power Plant happens to contain the world’s largest research boiler which was made available for the research.

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Tips on Unclogging Toilets Using Basic Plumbing Tools

One of the most basic problems that can happen inside the household, particularly in the bathroom, is a clogged toilet. When this happens, it can cause a great inconvenience for you and your family. Think about how difficult it would be when you feel the need to take a number one or two. Luckily for you, as much as toilet clogging is common, it is also quite easy to fix. You only need to find the right tools that can help you remedy your toilet problem. But you should also make sure to use these tools properly because if they are misused, you may create a more serious problem.

Here are some tips to help you unclog your toilets.


A plunger is probably the most common plumbing tool that you will find in the bathroom or in the closet. If you are going to use a plunger to clear out clogged toilets, it is important that you actually know how to use a plunger. Though it is very easy to handle a plunger, there are still a few people who make mistakes now and then. To clear the toilet, you would need to plunge the toilet several times. You would also need to allow the toilet at least a minute to breathe so that it can move the clog down the drain.


When a plunger fails, maybe it is high time that you use an auger. An auger is a flexible cable that can effectively dislodge or clear the clog when it is fed through the toilet. Though, you should take caution when using an auger so as to avoid scratching the insides of the toilet.


When your house makes use of a slab foundation, then chances are tree roots are growing up into the slab and under the toilet. These roots can cause numerous problems for you. That is why you should search for them and have them removed.

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Toddler Beds: What You Need To Know Before Moving Your Kid

Is your child finally ready to give up the crib and move into a brand new toddler bed? Have you finally found a new bed for your child? The problem is, when moving kids into a new bed, you really have no way of knowing what to expect.

This could either be a success story but most of the time, the transition from a cribs to kids beds can pose a number of challenges. Here is what you need to know before moving your kid into a new bed:

  1. Before you move your kid from a crib into a new toddler bed, make sure that your child has a regular sleeping routine. It is always important that a child learns how to put himself to sleep. Remember, when a child has a regular bedtime routine, it is important that you make sure that he or she follows this routine even in a new bed.
  2. If you think your child isn’t ready yet, you can start by introducing him to the topic of moving beds. You can cite a few cousins or friends for example, telling him how his cousin moved into a new bed. The thought may excite him and want him to move into a new bed for himself.
  3. If the reason for moving your kid is that you are expecting another child, it is important that your child moves 2 months before his or her sibling arrives so that the older child is already used to the bed upon arrival of the younger baby.
  4. If possible, place your child’s new bed in the exact same place as his crib was.
  5. Also, it would be in your best interest if you would allow your child to pick the bed.
  6. To make your child more comfortable in the new bed, you can try placing familiar items from his crib such as toys, blankets or pillows.
  7. On the night of the move, you should try initiating bedtime an hour earlier than his usual sleeping routine. Also, try to stay with your child until he or she has fallen asleep. Remember, your presence is a comfort to your child. It would help your kid sleep better.

Lessons From The Australian Property Industry

Everyone in Australia seem to be very interested in owning houses and are keen to study the costs and inequalities that come with it. Over the last year, this particular topic has been in hot discussion in the UK and mass media has spoken about it and regarding the difficulties that homebuyers face when owning their houses.

This trend in Australia reflects the famous obsession among Australians with different real estate properties. Ask anyone or engage in a conversation with this subject and it will eventually be tuned to renovation, rent and repayment. Data about infrastructure, tax, public transport, inheritance and telecommunications are often the central topics that affect the prices of houses. There are even televisions that feature programs which make people taking part in DIY become newly launched celebrities.

The concern for owning different real estate property in Australia started in violent beginnings. Experts showed that there has been an encroachment of the state that spreads across Asia, Europe and North America. This encroachment is in the form of mapping tools such as the cadastral survey as well as ordered agriculture. This system seemed to disrupt the older forms of ownership and living. Property owning for the Aboriginal people in Australia was a violent and traumatic process. For people who are non-Aboriginal Australians, the way that they think about property and land are new and are the products of what history has taught people.

The rising demand of the real estate property in the UK seems to be a promising and a positive note to the overall economy of the country. But there are skeptics that are contending that this might turn out into something catastrophic and one should instead learn from the Australian experience. Though there is warning, the property market continues to strengthen. Potential homeowners today are looking for abode with luxurious amenities and furnishing to them including oak vanity units. Everyone may seem to be happy in the current business model of the country for the property sector but many question for how long? One can only speculate that this trend will be to the growth and boom of the country’s economy in the long run.