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The New Business Trend In Party Rental

While mothers in Australia are busy looking for party hire in Sydney for their kid’s annual birthday party, mothers in Michigan are given another stress-free option for the kids’ sleepovers. This is the business started by Maranda Palova, a mother based in Hastings, Michigan, who found out that there is an unfulfilled demand by the party industry when it comes to sleepovers. Her rental business caters to sleepover parties and called Little Dreamers Sleepovers.

Palova’s sleepover party rental offers different packages with various children’s themes. Her business is considered to be a one-stop shop when it comes to sleepover parties.She explained that sleepovers are such a huge matter for kids and she has seen a number of parents organizing these parties for their kids. This is when she thought that it could be a welcome service to the parents in Michigan because it will surely provide kids with the sleepover of their dreams.

The normal rate of a standard package will set the parents back by $250 but during the summer holidays there is a promo package at $175. The standard package comes with individual tents where the kids can sleep, blankets, lanterns, mattresses, lights, sheets, bed trays and bunting.

There are a number of themes available at Little Dreamers Sleepovers such as Harry Potter, black and pink theme, mermaid, under the starts, unicorn and pirate. According to Palova, she asked her kids for recommendations on the themes they are offering since her children are only 2 and 4 years old.

The business is also open to cater to custom themes requested by the clients. Add-on packages can also be availed such as tea party kit, movie night kit, pamper kit and s’mores kit among many others which could range between $5 and $10.

One of the main reasons why Palova decided to open the business is because she wants to take the hassle from the parents when they have to prepare for the kids that are sleeping over. The ordeal is very similar when you get a party hire in Sydney since the company will deliver and setup everything and clean upwill also happen the very next day.

Centara Now Accepting We Chat Pay

Thailand’s leading hotel operator, Centara Hotels & Resorts, will now be accepting We Chat Pay transactions on its websites for those looking for convenient way to pay for their hotel near Esplanade Mall, via online room reservations.

The company already had nearly 100 electronic data capture devices for QR code scanning strewn across 15 of its hotels, for WeChat Pay, meaning that its currently the largest hotel group in Thailand that offers Chinese tourists omni-channel payment. WeChat Pay lets tourists directly pay for bills for accommodation, restaurants and spa treatments via their smartphones.

According to Centara, they are working to have WeChat Pay integrated into all of its global properties before the end of 2018. Centara CEO, ThirayuthChirathivat, says that a seamless and convenient payment system for their customers is a part of the company’s platform expansion, which is aimed at doubling both the number of their properties and their revenues within a five-year time span.

He says that with consumer behaviour changing, Centara is adopting an omni-channel strategy in order to keep up with the changing demands and provide a consistently excellent customer experience in all of its hotels. Chirathivat says that Centara embraces these disruptive opportunities in order to stay relevant, improve their services to their guests and stay on top of the industry.

Chinese tourists account for a huge chunk of Thailand’s international arrivals and, with approximately one-third of the Kingdom’s foreign travellers in 2017 hailing from China. According to the Tourism and Sports Ministry, Thailand is expecting at least 10 million Chinese tourists to visit the country in 2018.

WeChat Pay is the payment department of WeChat, one of China’s biggest social networks, which has become one of the most commonly used payment method for daily small transactions throughout the country, with at least 800 million active users to its name.

Centara, much like other tourism businesses in Thailand, have the Chinese as a significant part of their demographic, with Thirayuth saying that their sites receive hundreds of thousands of visits from users in China, with half of them via mobile device. Earlier in 2018, Centara signed a deal with TreePayCo, a payment platform company, for the development of a payment system that would allow Chinese customers outside of China to use their mobile devices to make payments for accommodations and services at Centara properties.

How To Choose The Right Dealer For Your Vespa Moped

A Vespa scooter or moped is the preferred choice of transport for many people. Using a moped to commute in the city not only reduces the travel time, it also eases the parking woes. Mopeds are small and light weight and can easily navigate the busy city traffic. They can be easily parked and are also exempted from the taxes in many cities. When it comes to fuel usage, mopeds are very economical and fuel-efficient. With so many advantages, demand for Vespa scooters and mopeds is constantly on the rise.

When it comes to mopeds, buying new ones from authorized Vespa dealers is always advisable. New bikes come with manufacturer warranties and offer peace of mind to the buyers. Select a reputable dealer for your purchase. Here are a few steps to help you pick the right dealer for your scooter or moped.

  1. Ask for references. Speak to your friends and colleagues, who own a moped and know about the Vespa dealers in and around your locality. Satisfied customers are always willing to provide reviews and references.
  2. Search the internet for the names and addresses of Vespa dealers in your city. You can also visit the websites of the dealers and know about the company history, the brands they deal, services provided by the dealer and customer testimonials and feedback. This will help you to narrow down your search and pick a few trusted and reliable dealers in your city.
  3. Once you have a list of few trusted dealers, visit the dealerships. Talk to the sales personnel and observe the way they talk to the customers. A well maintained dealership shows professional attitude. The sales personnel in the dealership should have knowledge about the different models and their features. They should be able to guide you on the best moped or scooter that suits your requirement. However, the salesmen should not be too pushy, they should not push you into buying a specific bike.
  4. The next step is to look for the financing options available with the dealer. Most of the reputed dealers have in-house finance teams that provide easy financing options to the clients. Also speak about the insurance and other fees that are not included in the cost of the bike.
  5. Select a Vespa dealer, with a reputable track record and bargain for a good deal. Some of the authorized dealers provide value additions such as extended warranties, free accessories and riding gear etc.

Electric Poles Removed From Sukhumvit Road

Tourists who frequent a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit will be happy to know that the MEA or Metropolitan Electricity Authority made true with their promise to get rid of the power poles that are causing an eyesore located in some areas of Sukhumvit Road. This was the New Year’s gift of the agency to everyone living in the city of Bangkok.

According to Chaiyong Puapongsakorn, the governor of Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the agency was able to complete their task of eliminating 544 power poles as well as cables that are running along the sides of the sidewalk located along Sukhumvit Road. The entire operation spans 12 kilometres which started at the road leading to the Phra Khanong T-junction. The work was completed during the entire weekend.

The project was a part of the city’s goal for Bangkok to adapt the Smart Metro concept which entails that the electricity system as well as the landscape of the capital will be improved. The staff working for the agency did everything on a 24-hour schedule from taking out the poles to burying the cables under the ground. The governor added that the plan was supposed to be done by Sunday but the workers were able to finish everything one day before their deadline.

He explained that the government wishes to improve the current image of Bangkok and make it more impressive thus they the project came into fruition. Mr. Chaiyong also said that the project is a sign that the government cares about the safety of the public and the features of the current landscape because they took into light the issue with the previous electrical system.

The project was done in collaboration with the BMA or Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Telecommunications Association of Thailand operating under the lead of the Royal Patronage, the Royal Thai Police and operators responsible for mobile and broadcasting networks as well as the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. The improvement will be appreciated by guests of a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit and the next phase will be done in Bang Khunthian district under the supervision of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Why Prefer Printed Glass Splashbacks For Your Kitchen

Splashbacks protect the kitchen from spills and splashes. It’s somehow complicated to make a decision on what style and type to buy as there are a variety of options available. If you want to know how to choose printed glass splashbacks, read through for more.

Premium Appearance

Customarily, tiles have been used an affordable choice of splashbacks. It provides flexibility in patterns, shapes, sizes and colors. However, printed glass splashbacks have been persistently increasing in popularity and provide several benefits, including durability, ease of cleaning and a bold, modern appearance. To fit classic kitchen styles, darker glass splashbacks are preferred.


Glass splashbacks provide extraordinary adaptability with its variety of colors and sizes. Splashbacks can be created depending on where it is located. You can request for drill holes and cut outs, like those of plug sockets and taps. To ensure suitability, prefer a customized or standard splashback.

Flexibility on a Tight Budget

The printed glass splashbacks can cost really expensive than any other splashback styles. However, they last longer, come in unique quality, and provide a budget-friendly protection for your kitchen. For those on a tight budget, you can still use it if you lower down the area to where it will cover. If you install it to some areas of the kitchen only, it will cost much lesser than having to cover the whole wall. Therefore, you need to manage the project well to minimize expenses.

Personalization and Maintenance

In comparison to other forms of splashback, glass provides a bold and modern style, which can be personalized, and can depend on your budget. You may want to add lighting to complement the finish of the glass. Also, as you don’t need grout to the installation, as there is no molding and staining involved. Less maintenance is required as you only have to use soft cloth to clean the glass.

Using printed glass splashbacks provide homeowners a stylish, superior option to customary splashback materials. Splashbacks are created depending on the color and style of the kitchen. It can also be optimized depending on where it is placed, like taking into account the plug sockets and switches.

Changing The Perception Towards Muscular Women In Bikinis

Women who feel confident about their bodies will not think twice about wearing sports bikini swimwear in public. Many bodybuilding sub-genres have become quite popular in Japan including “bikini fitness” that has resulted into Yuri Yasui becoming a cover girl for a magazine.

Yasui is a 33-year old 2-time Japanese champion who started working out to lose some weight. Yasui who is working as a bank employee in Nagoya, won her first national title less than a year after she started on the sport of female bodybuilding. Her family and friends were against the training because they did not want her to be flashing her body in a bikini.

Japanese men are not very keen on women with muscles but women are now working out regularly at gyms. They have had a change in attitude and are now lifting weights. Yasui believes that having a tiny waist and round bum requires building muscle. Yasui eats horsemeat for breakfast and lunch to keep her body fat low. Ever since college, she wanted a Wonder Woman hourglass figure with a small waist, big breasts and buttocks. She worked for her dream and she succeeded.

Of the 3,000 bodybuilders that have registered with Japan’s national federation, 10% were women who wanted to be a part of the nationwide fitness boom. In ageing Japan, most of those who join are women who are in their 40’s and 50’s and have grownup children. Yamanaouchi, a self-confessed gym rat is Japan’s poster girl for the growing population of female bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Yamanaouchi wants to change the perception towards muscular women. People freak out when they learn that Yamanaouchi is a bodybuilder. Her husband did not like her wearing a bikini in front of strangers but he came around. There is beauty in a muscular woman sporting a skimpy gold sports bikini.

There are sports bikini swimwear designed for the next generation of women who are dedicated to an active lifestyle. Aside from the comfortable and secure fit, the sports bikini makes a woman feel confident. There is a wide selection available from online stores so that you can conveniently shop from the comfort of home.

Tips For Effective Furniture Removals In Sydney

Moving to a new location can cause stress not just with you but with the entire family. Good thing there are ways to lessen the stress associated with the activity. One of these ways is to prepare for the transfer and hire reliable experts in removals in Sydney. To make the task easier, here are some ideas that you can refer to.

Get your packing materials ready

Most removalists are paid by the hour. The longer they do service for you, the more you need to pay them. Even if you hire contractors to do the packing and moving for you, you still have personal belongings to pack and prepare. Thus, to hasten the packing and moving of your things, your personal belongings should already be packed so all the removals in Sydney needs to do is move these things to our new location. Prepare your packing materials ahead so you would have them when you need some supplies. Make sure you have thick and sturdy boxes, markers, packing or duct tapes, bubble or plastic wraps, cellophanes, packing peanuts, old newspapers for breakable items and similar packing materials.

Prepare your belongings

Before you do the packing, you need to sort your things to make them easier to pack. Segregate items according to their type such as glassware and breakable items and that include appliances. Separate your valuable items and keep them close to you during the transfer. Put away items, clothing materials or furniture that you can sell to your neighbours or online. Set aside items that you would immediately need when you transfer to a new house such as hygiene kits, disposable diapers if you have kids, pet food and similar items.

Pack your items gradually

To ensure that your things are packed properly, start your packing a few weeks prior to your scheduled moving out. Label the boxes accordingly to let the contractors for removals in Sydney know which should be handled with more caution. Aside from that, you will know where to find the items that you may immediately need when you get to your new house.