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The Mall Group Looking For Partners

Recently, people living in their Single House in Ratchaphruek received good news as the Mall Group recently opened the first Power Mall store at the nearby The Crystal SB Ratchapruek community mall. It seems that that’s only the beginning, as, now, the Mall Group is setting to open more specialty stores in different locations, as part of their new strategy to increase sales and profit for the group in the long run.

The recent opening of the Power Mall, an appliance store, at The Crystal SB is a single step in the Mall Group’s strategy. The store covers a total of 1,200m2 and is open 24 hours a day. The Bt50M investment is set to be followed by external moves, a rarity for the Mall Group, which made its first external move with the opening of the Gourmet Market in 2011.

To the convenience of everyone living in a Single House in Ratchaphruek, the first Gourmet Market was followed by three more, totalling to four Gourmet Market branches across Bangkok, located in the following areas:

  • Terminal 21, Asok intersection;
  • The Promenade, Ram Intra Rd.;
  • The Crystal SB Ratchapruek, Patchaphruek Rd., and;
  • LatPhrao Station.

According to JakkritKeeratichokchaikun, Power Mall’s Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer, Power Mall will followed by the opening by Be Trend and Sports Mall, which The Mall Group is looking to open outside of their own complexes.

Mr. Jakkrit also pointed out the high expectations looming over the SB Design Square Power Mall, as the company expects at least Bt300M worth of sales from the first operational year. The company also expects a 2% sales growth by the end of 2017, and an approximate growth of 7% in 2018, at least on the electrical appliance subset. Jakkrit says that they hope to be ahead of the rest of the industry, which expects a growth of 5%.

He adds that, with the customers having notably more to spend, especially since November of 2017, the company is expecting growth across the board.

Executive VP TanyaruckChawaldit of the SB Furniture Group says that the partnership between them and Power Mall  will allow the SB Design Square to become a one-stop shopping destination for those living in a Single House in Ratchaphruek, with shops handling furniture, home decor, groceries, among others.

Where To Find The World’s Most Expensive Bed Set

Want to know where the world’s most expensive bed set is?It’s right in Townhouse Galleria Milano, an Italian hotel, which has unveiled a neck breaking price tag. Forget about the price but you’ll want it for a good night sleep.

The hotel offers its guests staying at the presidential suite a chance to sleep in sheets woven with 24-carat gold. It may be surprisingly expensive, but you do sleep like a King and Queen.

If you feel like taking home this luxury bed set after your stay in this hotel, you will be billed €200,000 (£176,072).Obviously, it can really cost you a fortune.

However, there are only 100 linen sets available and they are wrapped in a luxurious box with a gold thread coil and guarantee certificate.

The bed set includes one double duvet cover, one bottom sheet and four pillowcases. Its glistening weave is down to 40% gold content.

The Milan-based hotel claims that the gold bed sheets should help invigorate wisdom and a passion for more knowledge. With the integration of the precious metal, it should magnify positive feelings, enhance self-esteem, courage and willpower, conveys vital energy, and suits a protective effect.  However, according to UK-based sleep expert Neil Stanley, it should make no difference in your sleeping pattern.

Townhouse Galleria Milano also offers inside its presidential suit some other luxury touches such as the double shower and marble-clad bathroom, aside from the gold sheets. This should make you feel like a Royal Blood taking a rest at the best rooms of the hotel.

It will also include a dining room and bedroom, with a balcony offering a breath-taking view of the city. It’s actually a beautiful experience that you can only try once in your lifetime.

To secure your privacy and safety and to avoid the luxury bed set from getting lost, you are provided with a 24-hour security system just outside the room. So this makes you really confident that any valuables are kept securely and safely.

If you prefer to stay in the presidential suite, it should cost you €2,723.40 (£2,397.04). An added €30 (£26.40) will suit delectable breakfast in your room.



Chicago Executive Airport Holds Hearing For Soundproofing Project

The process for the approval of the soundproofing project by the Chicago Executive Airport has already started. The proposal aims to soundproof homes that are experiencing noise pollution due to jet noise. The money to be used for the project is a grant provided by the federal government. This will benefit homeowners because they will not be forced to spend money for best soundproof windows to muffle jet noise inside their homes.

Many people attended the hearing which was led by the airport consultants together with the officials from the Federal Aviation Administration. The audience was also allowed to write and leave comments. The public meeting lasted for more than two hours and was held at the Ramada Plaza Chicago North Store hotel located in Prospect Heights which is close to the facility.

Aside from the discussion, noise exposure maps were also displayed during the hearing. The maps show the houses that will be included in the soundproofing program which is federally funded. The public comments were only accepted until the 8th of December.

Tony Molinaro, the spokesman of FAA, the agency is expecting a report from the Chicago Executive which will contain details of the soundproofing project. As of the moment, there is no timeline to be followed and the agency is still deliberating the project which is sponsored by a federal grant.

He added that they have to determine the type of noise mitigation necessary not just for the current situation but the state in five years time. This way, they know which project needs the taxpayer’s money the most considering that schools and residential homes are also asking for funding.

Last month, the board members of the Chicago Executive made a vote against allotting $80,000 to be spent on a study that will test how effective the procedure of the 310 departure. This procedure is a trial program that will last for six months. During this time, the airplanes’ route will be diverted from the homes and instead it will pass over industrial district.

The soundproofing is still under deliberation and homeowners near the airport need not decided installing best soundproof windows until details have been finalized.

A Fresh Look For Your Old Bathroom

You have a lot of rooms inside the house but the most essential and intimate is said to be the bathroom. It creates a strong impression on your guests and it is important as it is where you clean and refresh yourself every day. It can be quite disgusting if not taken care of since buildup of mold, dirt and clutter is inevitable. Not to mention you need to have cloakroom basin vanity units to replace your old ones.

A little love for your bathroom can go a long way. You don’t have to decide on a major renovation because it takes up time and money. HomeAdvisor published that the average budget for bathroom renovations nowadays can be between $5,911 and $13,384 while the high-end ones can reach over $22,000.

Adding a fresh touch to your bathroom does not have to be that expensive. All you need is a few hundred dollars at the most. It will make you feel better using your bathroom and it can add value to the property, at the same time. Here are a few ways to freshen up the bathroom according to experts.

  • Lauren Tolles, an interior designer and business owner, said that the bathroom in a home covers 10 per cent of the entire property value. Fresh pain can on the cabinets and walls can give the room an updated look. It is recommended to choose neutral color schemes while colors can be added from accessories and linens. When painting outdated cabinets, sanding and priming should be done properly. Don’t forget about the ceiling.
  • Organizing and decluttering. Annie Draddy, an organizer from New York said that everyday items should be taken out of the box and placed inside clear containers. Time to let go of loose items and unnecessary products inside the bathroom. When choosing storage solutions, go for the functional and pretty ones.
  • Choose modern hardware. If you have pretty cloakroom basin vanity units then you just need to replace the hardware in order to give them new look. The same style is recommended but a different finish or latest model can give a new touch.

When Is The Right Time For Shop Fitouts In Canberra

There are several reasons why commercial establishments are investing on modernizing their shops or outlets. One is to get a better impression from their customers, another is to provide a better working environment to their employees. Search for a service provider that is trusted by more customers and one that has positive reviews and testimonials. Although anytime is the right time to have shop fitouts in Canberra, there are perfect timing for the job and some of them include the following:

When you have the budget

Remodelling your shop involves a good amount of money. You have to factor in the expenses for the labour, materials and how the temporary downtime for your shop would impact on your income. However, if you would think about its benefits to your business, the decision to remodel your shop would be a good one. Ask for cost estimates to have an idea on how much you are going to spend for the project. Ask for cost estimates to at least three service providers in the industry. If you have the budget for it, take on with the project right away.

When your shop needs redesigning

Having an impressive shop fitouts in Canberra is also a great way to reintroduce your brand to the market. Remodelling your shop is also ideal if your shop has have the same look for over a decade. It would be worth it to give your establishment a fresh look that would attract customers and would have them checking your store. This is also suitable if you noticed that your shop has been lagging in sales or if there are new competitors in the industry. Having an attractive shop will make your business relevant despite having newcomers around.

During low season

You know exactly when the low season is for your business. Take the time to do shop fitouts in Canberra when your sales is low. For instance, if you sell summer wear, have the remodelling on a winter. If your shop runs on weekdays, have the project on a weekend. in the end, it’s all a matter of having the right timing.

Changing The Perception Towards Muscular Women In Bikinis

Women who feel confident about their bodies will not think twice about wearing sports bikini swimwear in public. Many bodybuilding sub-genres have become quite popular in Japan including “bikini fitness” that has resulted into Yuri Yasui becoming a cover girl for a magazine.

Yasui is a 33-year old 2-time Japanese champion who started working out to lose some weight. Yasui who is working as a bank employee in Nagoya, won her first national title less than a year after she started on the sport of female bodybuilding. Her family and friends were against the training because they did not want her to be flashing her body in a bikini.

Japanese men are not very keen on women with muscles but women are now working out regularly at gyms. They have had a change in attitude and are now lifting weights. Yasui believes that having a tiny waist and round bum requires building muscle. Yasui eats horsemeat for breakfast and lunch to keep her body fat low. Ever since college, she wanted a Wonder Woman hourglass figure with a small waist, big breasts and buttocks. She worked for her dream and she succeeded.

Of the 3,000 bodybuilders that have registered with Japan’s national federation, 10% were women who wanted to be a part of the nationwide fitness boom. In ageing Japan, most of those who join are women who are in their 40’s and 50’s and have grownup children. Yamanaouchi, a self-confessed gym rat is Japan’s poster girl for the growing population of female bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Yamanaouchi wants to change the perception towards muscular women. People freak out when they learn that Yamanaouchi is a bodybuilder. Her husband did not like her wearing a bikini in front of strangers but he came around. There is beauty in a muscular woman sporting a skimpy gold sports bikini.

There are sports bikini swimwear designed for the next generation of women who are dedicated to an active lifestyle. Aside from the comfortable and secure fit, the sports bikini makes a woman feel confident. There is a wide selection available from online stores so that you can conveniently shop from the comfort of home.

15,000 Went To Open House Hosted By Moto Guzzi

This year Moto Guzzi is celebrating the 96 years since it launched its very first production of motorbikes. In support of the celebration, 15,000 riders under the Italian firm were gathered at the event site, Lake Como. Only riders were invited although Moto Guzzi dealer would have been happy to be a witness of the event.

The riders came from different parts of Europe and they all came together at the Mandello del lario where the event for the Open House 2017 was hosted. They were able to participate in various activities such as touring the factory of the Moto Guzzi, visiting the museum and see up close more than 150 different types of Guzzis.

The highlight of the event was the village created by Moto Guzzi which houses all types of Moto Guzzi model every made since their launch. There were a lot of things that happened during the event including an experience to see the production lines where the motor bikes of the Italian brand are actually created. They were able to see how all bikes are built by hand and live music was present all over the site.

Gianfranco Guareschi was the guest of honor during the event and he was recently awarded after winning the Imola endurance race which lasted for 4 hours. He was equipped with MGS-01 during the race.

The same event was also taken advantage by the motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy as it is the 50th year since the V7 was first launched to the public in 1967.

At the beginning of this year, Guzzi was able to launch the V7 III Anniversario but they did not stop the celebration there as the event is another way to celebrate the V7. Owners of the legendary machine were all invited to the Open House in order to receive a commemorative certificate that owners their ownership of the bike.

During the entire event, there are a number of motorcycles from the V7 and V9 that were accessible to be used for a test ride. The Italian brand also introduced the V9 Bobber which made Moto Guzzi dealer excited and it was dubbed as the Open House machine.