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A Family’s Experience Of Living In A Boat

It is common knowledge among divers that Thailand liveaboad is a world-class adventure that allows you to experience the stunning beauty of the underwater paradise of Similan Islands. However, there are families that actually opt for liveboard instead of living in a traditional land-based home. Jan and Tony Braddock talk about life in their yacht in Seaview Marina.

Living on a boat is synonymous to adventure because of sunshine, sea breezes and the ability to sail off to distant waters at a drop of a hat. However, living on a yacht has its shares of costs and sacrifices. People who want to save from paying high house rentals opt to live in a boat; however, it is not suggested for the faint-hearted and inexperienced.

Jan Braddock, a primary school teacher and her family decided to move from their 140-square meter home in Levin to a 32-foot yacht anchored at Mana Marina near Porirua. The families have to figure out how to downsize their belonging so that it will fit the yacht. Only the most basic possessions that they cannot live without were transferred to their boat.

However, Braddock warned that living in a boat is not a cheaper option to avoid the rising prices of rental. Their decision to move to a yacht is only for those who are passionate about boats. Aside from the money required to buy a yacht, there are additional costs like marine berth, insurance and maintenance. An annual maintenance service costs between $1,500 and $2,000.

A boat is different from a house. You really need to love the boat passionately before considering it as a home. However, there are certain advantages to life in a boat. The marina is a community of people that share the same interests. You can take the boat and explore some islands for months.

One of the biggest appeals of Thailand liveaboad is the experience that cannot be enjoyed when you are on land. Liveaboard is not all about diving but being able to enjoy the company of like-minded people. You can dive for 4 or 5 times in a day but still have to time to relax and distress.

How To Choose A Supplier Of Thailand Orchids Wholesale

Orchids are some of the most sought after variety of flowers due to its exotic beauty and longevity. Compared to other types of plants, orchids last longer and can be used for variety of ways. They can be used as ornamentals at home or in the office, given as gifts, accentuate clothes and they can also be used to style a woman’s hair, among others. Because one can use orchids in different ways, you will find a lot of people looking for Thailand orchids wholesale to use for personal occasions or even to resell the flowers in their area. If you are looking for an orchid wholesaler, consider the following ideas to find the right one.

Offers wide variety of orchids

You can find a lot of orchid wholesaler in the industry but choose one where you can have more variety to choose from. Aside from orchids, perhaps you might also want to find other tropical plants or flower species such as authuriums, lilies, roses, hydrangea, eustoma and plam seed, among others. It would also be best if the wholesaler would offer more than the flowers but plant related services to improve one’s greenery and foliage. With this, you only have to contact a single establishment for all your orchid or flower needs.

Offers local and international shipping

Search forThailand orchids wholesale that can deliver not just locally but also outside of the country. This allows orchid lovers to take pleasure in having wild flowers around even if they are contents away from Thailand. This also means that the orchid supplier is already established due to their partnership with other businesses in the industry.

Online shopping

Another consideration in choosing a Thailand orchids wholesale company is its capability to offer convenient service to its customers. The wholesaler should have an updated and active website where online transactions can be done by its customers. They should also be able to guarantee secure online payment using encryption technology and this is on top of fast and efficient international delivery.Read customer reviews and testimonials before you decide on a wholesaler of orchids.

Government Improving Public Transport In Bangkok

Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, the transport minister, said that there are already plans in place to complete the electric train routes in the capital in the next five years. With this improvement, the agency expects to handle over five million of commuter every day from the city. The upgrade will not benefit the locals alone but the tourists staying at design hotel in Sukhumvit and all over Bangkok.

Last week, the Ministry of Transport together with the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning held a campaign to promote the use of subways and skytrains among commuters and to use less personal vehicles when they travel.

The transport chief said that between 10 and 12 million people are currently residing and working in Bangkok, including the approximate number of unregistered individuals. Mr. Arkhom said that their main aim is to raise the number of passenger using the electric train to five times the current number. As a result, the traffic in the capital will also lessen.

Currently, the trains are only utilized by around 1.4 million commuters.

The new policy of the ministry called One Transport will create a smooth connection among all the different transports available. To make this possible, 10 electric train lines will be constructed and eight of them are already finalized with a plan.

The last line among the eight is the MRT Orange Line, which runs from the Thailand Cultural Centre going to the Min Buri, is expected to be ready in 2023.

The master plan of the ministry also covers the extensions of the MRT Blue Line, Green Sukhumvit Line and the State Railway of Thailand which is at the Red Line.

The very first monorail train of the country, the Pink Line as well as the Yellow Line will be launched to the public in 2021. This is based on announcements made by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand which is also the manager of the routes.

When the 10 train lines are completed, the capital will have an additional of 464 kilometres electric train route. Everything will be accessible to the tourists including the design hotel in Sukhumvit, markets, historical sites and other tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Advantages Of Searching For Girlfriend At Latin-Brides.Net 

With the advent of technology, you can practically find everything on the internet, even your lifetime partner. While you can have other ways to meet and interact with other people or potential lovers or wife, there are some advantages that or internet dating can offer. Some of these advantages include the following:

Fast and convenient

With online searching for women, you no longer have to go out of your way just to find potential partners. All you have to do is log in to the website and you can already view thousands upon thousands of Latin women’s profiles for you to choose from. And because everything is done online initially, you will immediately know if the profile is active or the other person is interested. Otherwise, you can continue searching until you find the right one.

More profiles to choose from

Another advantage of searching online is you can find countless profiles it may even become daunting to decide which among those irresistible Latinas you should select. However, the process should not be confusing. You will know that you are looking at the right one if the woman made your heart skipped a beat and despite of several other profiles available, there’s that nagging desire in you to go back to the Latina’s profile to know her more.

Anytime and anywhere

The good thing about using online platforms such as is that you can do your searching anytime and wherever you are. The time and your location will not hinder you from inching closer to your future Latina wife.


Let’s be honest about it, blind dates and deciding to meet somebody without knowing more about them can be risky and even be costly. It can also take up much of your time only to realize later during the date that the woman is not your type. By finding a woman at you have the chance to get to know the person more and do some chatting or video calling. If you find the person interesting and interested, that would be the time for you to invest your time and money on the person. This way, there would be no surprises and wasting of money.

Royal Horticultural Society Expects Artificial Turf To Dominate Gardens In The UK

Royal Horticultural Society recently published a new report stating that climate change could be the catalyst that will change the gardens across United Kingdom along with plant and lawns. The temperatures are slowly rising and rainfall is becoming too common that new products will be used by homeowners such as flood proof flowerbeds and exotic plants. With this change, new pests as well as diseases may develop. The summers are going to be drier than usual and winter season will be more extreme which will make it harder for Britons to keep up with their gardens. This is when artificial grass rugs for environment protection will replace the typical natural lawns.

The report also included date from experts in Met Office together with university academics. It is also predicted gardens in the UK will be divided into north and south because of climate change. England’s southern part will be warm and dry while the northern part will be cool and wet. With this, the growing season will also be longer.

According to an RHS survey among 1,000 participants who are gardeners, the people in the north are mowing more often compared to those who are living in the south. Climate change could also result to more garden works such as mowing, pruning and wedding. It will be a challenge for homeowners in various parts of the UK to maintain their lawns to be healthy and lush.

The report expects that gardeners residing in the southeastern part of England will make use of artificial lawns because the average temperature during the summer is predicted to increase by 4C when 2080 comes. Real grass requires summer rain in order to thrive and there will be less of it in the future.

It is predicted that some lawns may lead to gravel beds and dry meadows. For those in the north, raised beds might be necessary to prevent plants from being drowned.

Dr. Eleanor Webster, a climate scientist and one of the authors of the report, said that climate change is upon is which is going to impact on our gardens as well as green spaces. Homeowners will have to turn to artificial grass rugs for environment protection if they want to continue using their lawns.

The Mall Group Looking For Partners

Recently, people living in their Single House in Ratchaphruek received good news as the Mall Group recently opened the first Power Mall store at the nearby The Crystal SB Ratchapruek community mall. It seems that that’s only the beginning, as, now, the Mall Group is setting to open more specialty stores in different locations, as part of their new strategy to increase sales and profit for the group in the long run.

The recent opening of the Power Mall, an appliance store, at The Crystal SB is a single step in the Mall Group’s strategy. The store covers a total of 1,200m2 and is open 24 hours a day. The Bt50M investment is set to be followed by external moves, a rarity for the Mall Group, which made its first external move with the opening of the Gourmet Market in 2011.

To the convenience of everyone living in a Single House in Ratchaphruek, the first Gourmet Market was followed by three more, totalling to four Gourmet Market branches across Bangkok, located in the following areas:

  • Terminal 21, Asok intersection;
  • The Promenade, Ram Intra Rd.;
  • The Crystal SB Ratchapruek, Patchaphruek Rd., and;
  • LatPhrao Station.

According to JakkritKeeratichokchaikun, Power Mall’s Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer, Power Mall will followed by the opening by Be Trend and Sports Mall, which The Mall Group is looking to open outside of their own complexes.

Mr. Jakkrit also pointed out the high expectations looming over the SB Design Square Power Mall, as the company expects at least Bt300M worth of sales from the first operational year. The company also expects a 2% sales growth by the end of 2017, and an approximate growth of 7% in 2018, at least on the electrical appliance subset. Jakkrit says that they hope to be ahead of the rest of the industry, which expects a growth of 5%.

He adds that, with the customers having notably more to spend, especially since November of 2017, the company is expecting growth across the board.

Executive VP TanyaruckChawaldit of the SB Furniture Group says that the partnership between them and Power Mall  will allow the SB Design Square to become a one-stop shopping destination for those living in a Single House in Ratchaphruek, with shops handling furniture, home decor, groceries, among others.

Where To Find The World’s Most Expensive Bed Set

Want to know where the world’s most expensive bed set is?It’s right in Townhouse Galleria Milano, an Italian hotel, which has unveiled a neck breaking price tag. Forget about the price but you’ll want it for a good night sleep.

The hotel offers its guests staying at the presidential suite a chance to sleep in sheets woven with 24-carat gold. It may be surprisingly expensive, but you do sleep like a King and Queen.

If you feel like taking home this luxury bed set after your stay in this hotel, you will be billed €200,000 (£176,072).Obviously, it can really cost you a fortune.

However, there are only 100 linen sets available and they are wrapped in a luxurious box with a gold thread coil and guarantee certificate.

The bed set includes one double duvet cover, one bottom sheet and four pillowcases. Its glistening weave is down to 40% gold content.

The Milan-based hotel claims that the gold bed sheets should help invigorate wisdom and a passion for more knowledge. With the integration of the precious metal, it should magnify positive feelings, enhance self-esteem, courage and willpower, conveys vital energy, and suits a protective effect.  However, according to UK-based sleep expert Neil Stanley, it should make no difference in your sleeping pattern.

Townhouse Galleria Milano also offers inside its presidential suit some other luxury touches such as the double shower and marble-clad bathroom, aside from the gold sheets. This should make you feel like a Royal Blood taking a rest at the best rooms of the hotel.

It will also include a dining room and bedroom, with a balcony offering a breath-taking view of the city. It’s actually a beautiful experience that you can only try once in your lifetime.

To secure your privacy and safety and to avoid the luxury bed set from getting lost, you are provided with a 24-hour security system just outside the room. So this makes you really confident that any valuables are kept securely and safely.

If you prefer to stay in the presidential suite, it should cost you €2,723.40 (£2,397.04). An added €30 (£26.40) will suit delectable breakfast in your room.