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The Future Of Digital Marketing This 2017

Marketing is a wide field and it is always expanding. This is why players in the insurance industry are wondering how to grow your insurance business. Every few years, a new social media platform emerged and new strategies have been developed. 2016 shows that consumers are now more interested in social media more than ever. The same goes with content marketing which became a trend last year.

Digital marketing was great in 2016 because of the big changes that occurred including a new algorithm launched by Twitter, the most popular augmented reality game that uses real location which is Pokemon Go and in June, the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion.

Social media marketing experts shared their view regarding the state of digital marketing for 2017 and they talked about what to expect and how to utilize these in order to help you on how to grow your insurance business.

  • Content marketing is on top of the list because according to Harris who is the CEO of a digital marketing agency, it will remain the king. It was found out that Google favours websites that publish quality content and contains vital information for users.
  • According to a YouTuber, Roberto Blake, video content will also play an important role in this year’s digital marketing. Live video is currently being utilized by a number of brands as well as individuals. Within the last year, there is a considerable increase in the number of users and it is only expected to increase as months go by.
  • Tim Suolo who is a head marketer said that AI/ML will start to have an influence in digital marketing. These are tools that will help in automating common tasks in marketing such as creating a logo with a professional design.
  • SEO has been used for several years now and will continue to do so this year. This skill is now considered an important investment in digital marketing.
  • The CEO of Hubspot, Brian Halligan, said that Google is a key player on how to grow your insurance business. Quality content will not only rank your website higher but it will also be featured in the quick answer box made by Google.

Courier Issues Encouraged Company To Change

A retailer for children’s furniture has been having issues with their current courier companies in Melbourne due to damaged products while on transit to the customer’s delivery address. As the problem continues to affect the company, they decided to search for a solution.

According to the Incy Interior’s founder, Kristy Withers, though they have changed couriers a number of times, the problem persisted. They have tried multiple companies in the last several years but they have all delivered bad service.

All her products for delivery have been flat-packed but there are still damages to it. She refers to the experience as a hellish one because they have been so focused on manufacturing as well as completing the orders that they did not realized that there could be problems while on delivery such as damages.

Incy Interiors always make sure to attend to the customer’s complaints and offer a resolution but Wither admitted that it is taking up a lot of her time.

She shared how customers have sent her photos of the picture that shows how the content has been crushed inside. The courier delivered it anyway and did not mind the state of the package. There was also an instance where the dresser she sent to a customer arrived with a hole in the middle as big as a forklift.

She is complaining about the lack of customer service of their previous courier companies. They are not answering the phone so the issue remains unsolved and their delivery is late most of the time. She is appalled that courier companies do not give the same basic services that are common in small businesses.

Withers decided to do something about the damages and she decided to apply the extreme packaging solution. The process of changing the packaging was quite expensive on their part. They now use the thickest cardboard that does not bend and they are also incorporating big foam or metal corners before packaging the furniture. The company shoulders the costs of the stronger packaging which accounts to about 4 per cent of the total cost of the products. Withers was able to reduce the damages while being delivered by courier companies in Melbourne to only 1 per cent of the entire product shipped.

Tips For Effective Furniture Removals In Sydney

Moving to a new location can cause stress not just with you but with the entire family. Good thing there are ways to lessen the stress associated with the activity. One of these ways is to prepare for the transfer and hire reliable experts in removals in Sydney. To make the task easier, here are some ideas that you can refer to.

Get your packing materials ready

Most removalists are paid by the hour. The longer they do service for you, the more you need to pay them. Even if you hire contractors to do the packing and moving for you, you still have personal belongings to pack and prepare. Thus, to hasten the packing and moving of your things, your personal belongings should already be packed so all the removals in Sydney needs to do is move these things to our new location. Prepare your packing materials ahead so you would have them when you need some supplies. Make sure you have thick and sturdy boxes, markers, packing or duct tapes, bubble or plastic wraps, cellophanes, packing peanuts, old newspapers for breakable items and similar packing materials.

Prepare your belongings

Before you do the packing, you need to sort your things to make them easier to pack. Segregate items according to their type such as glassware and breakable items and that include appliances. Separate your valuable items and keep them close to you during the transfer. Put away items, clothing materials or furniture that you can sell to your neighbours or online. Set aside items that you would immediately need when you transfer to a new house such as hygiene kits, disposable diapers if you have kids, pet food and similar items.

Pack your items gradually

To ensure that your things are packed properly, start your packing a few weeks prior to your scheduled moving out. Label the boxes accordingly to let the contractors for removals in Sydney know which should be handled with more caution. Aside from that, you will know where to find the items that you may immediately need when you get to your new house.

Things To Look When Hiring Signage Companies In Sydney

Signs are everywhere. From traffic signs to warning signs, you can see signs at almost every you look at. Signage have different purposes in man’s life and one of those purposes is that they can be used for marketing purposes. Now, there is a handful of signage companies in Sydney which can produce good-looking signage for whatever purpose you have for a signage. You just have to choose which one suits your company’s needs and budget.

If in the case that your lazy boss assigns you to look for signage companies in Sydney which can produce the best signage for your events, below are some things you must take into consideration before making your recommendation:

  • The first thing you must look when choosing which among the signage companies in Sydney is the types of signage they can produce for you. But first, ask yourself: “what do we need a signage for?” Keep in mind that signage can be made both for indoors and outdoors. Also, check if that company has the capability produce signage that can be put on the sides of cars and trucks. You see, such signage can be useful for marketing purposes so if that company can do that, then it’s a good one.
  • The next important thing you must look is the materials used by these companies to produce different types of signage. There are companies who employ the use of engraved letterings into their products. For a more catchy approach, some use sticky vinyl or even neon. The type of material used for making signage will dictate the quality and lifespan of the finished product especially if the signage will be displayed outdoors. The stronger the quality of the material, the longer the signage will look eye-grabbing to passers-by.
  • Another aspect you should look into when choosing a company that will produce your signage for marketing purposes is the way such signage are produced. This is another thing that can dictate the quality of the finished product itself. If the potential company you are talking to right now can produce signage that are not easy to be torn apart by hands, can be seen easily even from a far distance and, can stand the sudden change of the weather condition during that certain time when they are on displayed, it’s a good signage company.


Palm Beach County Alloted $600,000 For Office Furniture

The county office in Palm Beach County will soon be decorated with new office furniture after it has decided to allot $6000,000 to spend on them.

The Tourists Development Council of Palm Beach County is scheduled to move back this coming July into their renovated office that is adjacent to the airport. When it happens, the 64 staffs under the county office will be able to use their brand new office furniture which costs a total of over half a million dollars.

Based on a memo from the county, the existing furniture of the county office is deemed to be old and is not recommended to be reconfigured.

The agency received their funding from the town council and they are assigned in performing marketing tasks as well as attracting visitors into the community. They are currently seeking for approval from the county commissioners so they can buy new furniture which is estimated to cost approximately $10,000 for each employee.

The attention of Hal Valeche, County Commission, was caught by the fact that the budget they are asking for is a six-figure.

Valeche said in a statement that he is now planning to do some inquiry regarding the proposed spending of the agency after a shortage of $38 million from the proposed budget of the county for 2018.

Commissioner Valeche also added that many little things eventually lead to bigger things. They are currently experiencing budget years thus it is important more than ever to check on things in an inquiring perspective.

Documents were shown by the Palm Beach County which reveals details regarding the purchase. There is a chair for $667, a café table for $867 and a bookcase worth $691.

If the county gives the go signal, the funding for the new furniture will be coming from the bed tax dollars that the county has collected from hotel stays.

Commissioner Valeche said that that it is public money so it can be used for any purposes as long as it is spent wisely and a in a frugal manner.

The existing commercial office furniture will be given to other county offices such as the office of the county commissioner

Lessening The Possibility Of Being Investigated – Availing Tax Insurances

One of the existing problems, especially for small business owners is tax investigations and the headaches that these investigations might bring. Setting up a business has never been easy. There are different aspects and somehow, you have to deal with all of them. Time and effort should be sacrificed in order to make sure it gradually grows. You might even have to work throughout the day and most of the night just to ensure that no problem will arise.

However, it is already a given that some problems will occur. It is a risk that you have to take if you really want to be successful. These problems are unavoidable, but you can lessen its occurrence by through insurances and other similar kinds of actions.

As a business owner, you have to understand and perform all your responsibilities. One of these is paying all your taxes on time. This is a very important responsibility, otherwise, you will be subjected to a tax investigation.

Recently, the HMRC has been conducting tax investigations to any type of business – small, midsize or even large companies. This is to help lessen the nation’s debt and ensure that all the businesses are paying the right amount of tax. Tax investigations can be a headache to business owners like you. If you are being subjected to investigations, it can take months and even years just to clear one aspect of your business.

So what can you do to lessen the possibility of being investigated?

  • Always keep an accurate record of all the transactions that your business did with clients.
  • Make sure you have paid all your taxes on time
  • You can look for companies who offer insurance against tax investigation

The first two tasks are solely on you as a business owner. It is your responsibility to keep an accurate record of all your transactions and to make sure you pay all your taxes on time. The third task, on the other hand, can be optional.

Insurance against tax investigation can be very helpful to you. They can cover the cost of the investigation and even help you out when you are asked to be in the local courts. They also give free business advices should you need one.

Reasons To Automate Your Accounts Payable Workflow

Manual processing and approval of accounts payable is already a thing of the fast. Organizations who want to have a faster turnaround time for transactions with less errors and high efficiency choose to automate their accounts payable workflow. If your manner of completing accounts payable still involves massive amount of paper, manual approvals, filing documents, regular follow ups to ensure payment and putting records on ledgers, this means that you are doing your business operation the traditional way.  However, this should not be the case when there are available technologies and software that would make AP a faster, efficient and reliable process. Here are some of the benefits that you can get out of automated AP.

  • Automated invoice processing scheme promotes faster and efficient job executions. Because you no longer have to dedicated too many workers on the AP process, your team members can focus on other more important tasks and be more productive along the way.
  • Because your accounts payable process is already automated and systematized, you can forget about human errors especially in filing entries. An automated accounts payable workflow is equipped with built-in capacities to determine error and alert the system for issues. This way, you can be sure that you would get reliable results. Also, since you will utilize software to do most of the AP works, your output and productivity will increase. After all, software can work tirelessly without being grumpy.
  • Manual accounts payable process is paper-intensive. The AP unit is usually bombarded with invoices delivered through fax, post mail or email and all of these require printing. The good thing about automated accounts payable workflow is that you eliminate the need to involve unnecessary number of paper when you can have everything on cloud and in your database. In the process, you help save the environment and the need to cut more trees.