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Scotland No Longer Charges Burial And Cremation Of Deceased Children

According to an announcement recently made by the government of Scotland together with the Cosla council, they have come to an agreement to abolish the charges required by the local authority for all deceased that are below the age of 18 years old. This is a big help to bereaved families as they only need to think about the cremation urns for infants with no additional fees to pay.

Majority of the councils within Scotland does not impose any burial charges and cremation fees to deceased that are below 16 years of age. In addition, the government of Scotland promised the councils $500,000 which aims to pay for the cost in behalf of the families. With this new law, Scotland is slowly becoming more and more similar to England.

The decision was also given full support by the Church of Scotland saying that it is the right time for the entire nation to address the said issue in a national level.

Church and society council’s convener, Reverend Dr. Richard Frazer said that the funeral of someone closed to you is very essential but it can also prove to be a burden to those who are left behind. He added that the action by the government is one of the many things that can be done to improve the situation. This will help to keep people from using their credit cards, seeking loan companies that accept payday scheme and other options as long as they can get the funds to pay or the funeral arrangement of their children.

Angela Constance, the secretary of communities, said that the government has been thinking of this for quite a while now as they are looking for methods to help bereaved parents at the time of their grief. Majority of the local authorities does not require any form of payment but there are those that might be confused with the different laws in every area. All over the country, the charges are not the same depending on the age of the deceased. Cosla made the right decision and parents will only have to worry about cremation urns for infants because the burial is already answered for by the government.