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British Airways Ground Plane Infested With Bed Bugs

It’s one thing for a company to handle pest control in Newcastle, it’s another thing for a company to handle pest control for an aeroplane. Regardless of the difficulties of handling pests in aeroplane cockpits, it’s still an aspect best dealt with as soon as possible, unless people want something like what happened with British Airways recently.

The air travel company recently had to ground one of their planes after an infestation of bed bugs was reported by the cabin crew, who Bsaid that it was too much to handle and that they would not fly the plane.

The crew made their refusal to handle the plane clear when they walked out of it before the scheduled flight from Heathrow to Ghana, forcing the airport to find a replacement plane to cover the flight. A substitute was, eventually found, and the flight took off, four hours behind schedule.

British Airways says that the plane was immediately put out of service as soon as they were able to. According to them, the cabin crew reported bed bugs all over the cabin, in plain view.  The crew reportedly said that the craft was unfit to house people, and that it was unacceptable for them to have to work in those conditions.

A spokesperson from the company stated that the company considers the comfort of their customers as the primary imperative. Notably, however, this is only the latest incident to affect the air travel company, as it has already had a similar issue pest issue in the past, which has raised the eyebrows of air travel and pest control in Newcastle and across the country.

Mike Gregory, 35, reported that he was covered in bite marks after travelling from London to Cape Town via a £4,000 BA flight. Another issue was reported, wherein a Canadian family had the same problem after a BA flight back in September of 2017.

This has been some of the issues for British Airways, one of the UK’s flagship carriers, which has recently come under fire for similar issues, including its allegedly poor response to an IT issue in May 2017 which led to hundreds of flights across the country being cancelled and thousands upon thousands of  passengers being stranded across the globe.

British Airways, which operates at least 280,000 flights annually, says that reports of bedbugs in their aeroplanes are extremely rare.