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Thailand Education For Expats –Discussion On International Schools And How To Distinguish One

There was a point in time that schools in Thailand advertise themselves to be International schools, but lack the qualifications of being one. It was used as a marketing tool to get more enrollments. That is why in 1994, the International Schools Association of Thailand was formed. This is mainly to set standards and validate institutions who claim to be International Schools. To be admitted a member of this association, the school must teach International Curriculum, either American or British among many others. Secondly, there must be a high percentage of non-Thai students attending the said institution. And lastly, there must also be a high percentage of non-Thai instructors and educators teaching in the institution. To be standardized as an international school, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, has followed these simple guidelines to make sure they do not mislead foreign nationals seeking international studies.

For people looking for an international school, Bangkok standards in the present surely do not disappoint. As more Thai parents aspire to get their children taught with international approach and style, they condense international schools lessening the general percentage of Non-Thai students. To counter this, secondary schools called ‘bilingual schools’ were put up. Not to confused with international schools, bilingual schools do not necessarily follow international standards but adopt some of its systems and still have international style taught.

What makes a school international, in detail, varies, and even arguable at times. Many institutions expressed disagreement with the criteria. They said that it is still possible to produce global citizens even without meeting the technical guidelines. Even though many institutions echo the same sentiments, the criteria are still in place to produce a strong distinction between International Schools and other schools. And the more criteria is met, the higher the tier is. After the technicalities have been met, the approach varies. There are a handful of different curricula that can be adopted. However, the International Schools Association of Thailand has one different approach. Though different languages are taught to comply with international standards, they still aim to establish a good command of the Thai Language. This is to maintain a strong representation of Thailand in the international community.


3 Indications Of A Trusted Law Firm In Thailand

You can easily find a lot of law firms on the internet if you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in your dealings abroad. But if you are looking for a Trusted Law Firm in Thailand, you may have to dedicate extra time to find one. There are several law firms around but you can never be sure which of them offers reliable services to foreign nationals like you. If you want to hire a dependable lawyer from a trusted law firm, consider the following ideas for your reference.

A Global Presence

While you can easily hire a lawyer who is expert in international law, it would be better if the firm he belongs to has an international presence which means that they have handled numerous cases and legal transactions in different parts of the world. It would also be a plus factor if the law firm has a station or satellite office in the country that you intend to do business in.

A Good Number of Clientele

You will know that you are dealing with a Trusted Law Firm in Thailand when they have a steady string of clients. If the lawyers are busy handling different legal transactions, this means that they are trusted enough by their clientele and they are well recommended by their previous clients. Read reviews to get additional information about the law firm and if they collect reasonable fees from their clients. A trustworthy law firm also offers financial schemes and arrangements for clients who cannot pay upfront for the services.

A Notable Legal Expertise

Review the cases handled by your target law firm. Did they get more favorable legal battles for their clients? What is the percentage of cases that were settled amicably or the number of cases won against the total number of cases handled by the firm? If you need to be assisted legally abroad, look for a Trusted Law Firm in Thailand with legal expertise that you require. There are legal experts in taxation, commercial litigation, banking, family, corporate, properties, employment and many more.


When Thailand Mourns A Beloved Monarch

Thailand was plunged in deep mourning due to the death of their well-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej; however, for the tourism industry the show must go on. Thailand and Hong Kong remains to be the favorite destination of tourists. In Thailand, businesses, tourist attractions and public transport remain open but management understands if some employees have to take leave because they are in mourning.

According to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thailand will hold a one year mourning period but for the sake of the economy, entertainment functions will only be toned down for a month. Because of the government’s desire to preserve the economy, resorts will be open for accommodation, dining and retail but they will not organize entertainment shows. Guests are assured that facilities will remain to function because business has to go on.

According to Allan Zeman , chairman of LanKwai Fong Group, the mourning period will not affect Thailand’s tourism industry because it remains to be a beautiful country with lots of beaches and historical sites. Even if there are no entertainment functions, there is still too much to do in Thailand. In fact, two of Zeman’s resorts in Phuket will remain open.

The Thais are confident of the country’s stability under the present government. Visitors must not be surprised if people went about their normal business activities with a heavy heart. The Thais are wearing black and shedding tears due to their king’s death. Large photographs of the king can be found in front of shops as an expression of the people’s sadness and as a sign of respect.

King Bhimibol Adulyadejhas ruled Thailand for 70 years. Thais love him because he travelled to all parts of the country to understand his people and help in their difficulties. He was the longest reigning monarch of the world; a king who will always occupy an esteemed position in Thailand’s heart and mind.

Business must go on for PhuketFit because there are many guests who want a health and fitness transformation away from the stress of the outside world. The wellness retreat is situated on the beautiful Phuket Island with gorgeous beaches and magnificent attractions.


Migrants Detour to Croatia Which Is Deemed a More Welcoming Nation

Near the Hungarian-Serbian border, hungry and exhausted migrants are begging for sympathy from Hungarian authorities to let them pass.

The migrants are shouting, “Open the door!” Many of these migrants have traveled several thousands of miles carrying their families and what little belongings they have. A young man from Iraq in a football jersey waited patiently and hopelessly next to the fence without any intentions of moving. He said that if he had to, he will wait for six years. He further said that he have nothing to lose.

On the other side of the razor-wire fence, several Hungarian soldiers stood their ground and were ready to arrest and put to jail anyone who dared climbed the fence. Syrian refugees were growing impatient and hopeless as the hours and days passed. They just cannot understand why the Hungarian government will not allow them to pass through. The refugees are saying that they only want to pass through Hungary in order to reach Austria, Denmark and Germany. They said that they had no intentions staying in Hungarian soil if they were not welcomed there.

Croatia: A new destination

A lot of migrants have already given up hope in crossing from Serbia to Hungary and finally to other welcoming European nations. At least 100 refugees have already ventured from the Middle East to Croatia. This report was shared to media by the Interior Ministry spokesperson of Croatia, Jelena Bikic.

Refugees are saying that Croatia is much welcoming compared to Hungary. The prime minister of Croatia said in a tweet that the country is ready to accept refugees and that it will not matter what their nationality or religion is or where their final destination is. The prime minister further said that the refugees can stay and work in their country. He further said that the refugees are welcome to pass through Croatia. The prime minister also had harsh words for the government of Hungary saying that raising the walls of Budapest is dangerous and at the same time cruel. Putting up wires in this century is not the answer to the refugee crisis but instead a further threat.

Syria’s President: Western Leaders Are To Blame for Crisis in Refugee

With the increasing problem of the refugees in Europe which are mostly from Syria, the president of the country expressed his sentiments and blamed the Western nations. He told media that the countries in the West supported opposition groups in Syria’s civil war.

In an interview with the news organizations of Russia, President Bashar al-Assad said that if the western nations are worried about the people in his country, they should stop supporting the terrorists. This is what the Syrian government thinks of the whole crisis. The president pressed on that this is the core issue of the crisis with refugees.

Refugee crisis in Europe

Europe is currently struggling to deal with the increasing number of migrants arriving illegally at the borders of European countries. Many of these refugees have been fleeing the conflict in Syria with militant groups which have claimed the lives of at least 220,000 people.

The leaders of the western nations have criticized the government of al-Assad for being incompetent in presiding over the violence in his country. The violence in his country helped spawn the influx of ISIS militant group in the country which drove at least four million of Syrian civilians to seek refuge to other lands. But instead of thanking the European nations for taking in the refugees, he also blamed the European countries.

The president of Syria said that Europe should also take the blame since they supported terrorism.

Double standards among European nations

In the press conference held, it was not explicitly stated by the president what he was referring to when he said that Europe took part in terroristic acts. Two years ago, the European Union ended the arms embargo with rebel groups that were fighting the government of Syria. The United States on the other hand has offered support to some Syrian rebels who were willing to fight against ISIS.

The president of Syria said in the interview that how can people from across the globe feel sad for the death of a child in the sea and not feel any remorse for the deaths of thousands of children who have been killed by rebel groups in Syria.