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Great Ideas On Where To Hang Wall Art

The decors and framed photos that you hang on your wall reveals a lot about your personality. If you are going to hang the artwork on your office, it will also convey powerful message to your prospects. The type of paintings or decors that you put on display will also show how much you value your customers. Some people convert their favourite images into a wall art and have them printed in canvas. You can find a lot of digital printing shops but if you want your images to last longer, have the image printed in canvas instead of ordinary photo copy paper. If the canvas print was already shipped to your address, it’s time to look for the right spots on where you can hang them. Here are some ideas.

Reception area

Your reception area is where your customers would initially step into for transactions. It is also one of the areas where they will make their first impression on your business. If you intend to hang a wall art on your reception area, choose a design that suits your type of business. If you are in a real estate, insurance, construction and other service-related business, choose a wall art with classy or artsy design as it conveys professionalism.

Living room

Another excellent area to hang your wall art is the living or guest room in your home. Aside from images and personally taken photos, you might also want to hang word art of your favourite quote. You can also use movie-inspired designs such as those withStar Wars theme and other action flicks. They are ideal to hang on your children’s room or in the game room.  For more photo ideas, you can choose from any of the stock photos at the canvas printer’s website. Pick a canvas size and apply it on the image. The wall décor should not overwhelm your wall.

Kitchen area               

The kitchen area is also a suitable area to hang your wall artcanvas. Because canvas is resistant to heat and moisture, you can place it even on moisture prone areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Stranger Things Celebrates Return With Inspiring Wall Art Hours Before Premiere

Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi television show that garnered unprecedented amounts of attention last year, when it released on Netflix. The show revolves around supernatural happenings in a story narrated by 3 boys and a girl, where the girl has powers to access the supernatural side. The second season is set to start on October 27th and fans have been gearing for it for the past year. The result, some amazing wall art.

The Popular Science Shop is now selling an amazing wall art poster on their website for just $13.95. By buying this poster, fans may also get opportunities to win a free Netflix subscription for the next three to five years. This comes as a boon for many as the prices of Netflix subscriptions are also on the rise. This poster, curated and produced by Lynx Art Collection has every reason to have their fans’ socks in a twist. It shows the show’s protagonist, a science experiment called Eleven, who is able to access the demonic universe. She is bleeding from the nose which is an indication that she has just used her supernatural powers. At the bottom of the poster there is also one of the demons that appeared towards the end of the first season’s last episodes. This perfect mix of dark hues and the color of blood is sure to have fans excited, and is an excellent way to rekindle interest in the show before the start of the new season.

This piece of wall art is printed on 100lb photo paper with a polar white color which makes it that much more beauty. Printing this important piece of art on simple 100 GSM paper will just not cut it and will definitely leave fans disappointed. That is why Lynx Art Collection chose this particular type of paper to print this picture on. This poster can be bought as a gift for a known fan of Stranger Things, or can even be bought for yourself. It is currently on a massive 40% discount for the smallest size. However the larger sizes of this poster are not on discount.

Alice Cooper Discovers Long Lost Warhol Piece

American rock singer-songwriter Alice Cooper has recently (re)discovered a custom art piece from one of his old friends, pop art icon Andy Warhol. The rock star discovered the piece in a storage locker, in his words, ‘rolled up in a tube’, where it sat, forgotten and unknown for more than 4 decades.

The piece in question is a 1964 red silkscreen iteration of Warhol’s the ‘Little Electric Chair’, which is part of his Death and Disaster series.  The piece had never seen the confinement of a frame, and was left, rolled up alongside touring paraphernalia that Cooper used back in the early 70s as part of his stage routine, which, incidentally, included an actual electric chair.

According to Alice Cooper’s longtime manager, Shep Gordon, Cooper and Warhol became friends when they met back at Max’s Kansas City in the Big Apple, back in 1972. Gordon said that Andy met Cooper because both were ‘groupies’ they loved the environment of famous people, and the two became close.

Warhol went to one of Cooper’s concerts, wherein part of the performance was Cooper pretending to be executed via electric chair. The image from the silkscreen print, is based on a press release photo of the Sing Sing Prison’s death chamber released early 1953, where Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for selling American atomic secrets to the Ruskies.

After the artwork was made, Cindy Lang, Cooper’s girlfriend, bought the picture from Warhol, which she purchased with money from Gordon. The piece then made its way into Cooper’s touring equipment, where it was promptly forgotten about, only to be remembered recently when Ruth Bloom, an LA art dealer, spoke of how much a Warhol piece fetched for in an auction.

The Little Electric Chair piece remains unauthenticated, for it does not have any identification or signature from Andy Warhol himself, and, as such, will not fetch as much as it should at an auction. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts stopped their authentication services in 2011 following a long legal battle with British collector Joe Simon regarding his self-portrait.

The canvas however, was backed by Richard Polsky, an expert on Warhol pieces, saying that the silkscreen checks out, and that it is a genuine Warhol piece.

Alice Cooper has stated his intention to keep the piece and hang it in his home, to be admired once he comes off tour at the year’s end.

According to Gordon, Cooper’s face was a sight to see when he passed along the estimate from Polsky. Cooper was said to have reacted effusively, asking Gordon if he was serious, seeing as he never expected something like a custom art piece of an electric chair to have such value.